Hold the phone! Someone will literally pay you over £1,400 to stay in and sleep


You can be paid over £1.4k to do what you wish you were doing right now – sleep! Hillarys, the blind and curtain manufacturer, is running a new study that analyses people’s sleep. They’re investigating how light and sound can disrupt your sleep patterns. For the investigation, they’re offering to pay someone £1,428.57 to become a “sleep executive”.

You have to go through an application process but if you’re successful, you’ll be invited to the offices in Nottingham. Over the course of 15 days, you’ll be set up with some sleep monitoring gear to determine how different conditions affect the quality of sleep over varied time periods. The simulations include the use of blackout curtains and various light and sound disruptions.

Once you’ve woken up, the sleep executive will have to fill in a questionnaire so Hillarys can analyse your perspective on each environment set-up.

Lucy Askew, the interiors expert at Hillarys said: “What a great way to not only test out our blackout products but to also see the way light and sound affect sleep quality. Sleep is so important, and many might not appreciate how even a slither of light can disrupt your much-needed seven hours.

“We’re looking forward to getting the new sleep executive on board and seeing the findings of this experiment.”

If getting money for snoozing sounds like your kinda gig, you have until 11.59pm on 9th April 2020 to apply. To find out more about the role, you can visit the application page here.

Getting paid to sleep isn’t even a unique phenomenon, there are loads of other outrageous studies going on that you could be paid for. Lad Bible reported that the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology (MEDES) in Toulouse, France, announced it was looking for someone to lie in the bath for a week.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for 20 women to sit in a dry-immersion bath for five days to test the effects of weightlessness on the human body. Dry-immersion means that you lie in the bath on a waterproof sheet, so don’t actually get wet.

No as fun, but according to The Times, you can also get paid £3,500 to be infected with coronavirus, in an effort to find a vaccine for the disease. This is part of a global effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

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