Revealed: The most sleep deprived university degrees in the UK

Now’s not the time to pull an all nighter

First they moaned. Then, they took selfies every day during their miserable final project. Then they gloated that, obviously, they were indeed the hardest working students at university. And now architects are going to be even more insufferable – they are officially the most sleep deprived degree on campus.

When they’re not in their studios, those studying Architecture courses get just 6.38 hours of sleep on average – making them the most sleep deprived course. The statistics, taken from The Tab’s sleep survey of 6,000 students, show Art as the second most sleepless, only managing 6.42 hours a night. They’re followed by the equally moanful Dentistry students, who get 6.42 hours.

At the other end of the spectrum, Philosophy students take time out of their books and thinking to sleep. They’re the only students to get over seven hours of sleep a night.

How sleep deprived are students on your course? The below table shows the average amount of sleep students say they get every night, from least to most.