Have you written your dissertation in record time or on a weird topic? We want to know

Send! Them! In!

During lockdown, it seems like there are two types of students. The ones who have completely given up on uni, so left their diss until the very last minute. Or the ones who are so desperate for some new entertainment, they channeled this into a whacky topic.

We’re keen to see the crème de la crème of crazy dissertation stories – whether that’s completing it in less than 24 hours or writing it on a completely unique topic.

Last year one student managed to finish her dissertation in under eight hours and still got a 2:1. People have also written on Love Island and Beyonce. Another student wrote hers on RuPaul’s Drag Race because it was the only topic that would keep her interested.

If you’ve written your diss in record time or chosen a jokes topic, get in touch. Email your name, university and details of your diss to [email protected]

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