Teardrops and East Wests: There are nine types of boobs and this is what they look like

So much variety, so much range

To match the nine different types of vaginas a woman can have, there are also nine different types of boobs on offer. Cats get nine lives, felines are often linked to feminity – I don’t know, maybe there’s some greater meaning in this – either way, it’s great news.

If you were that 16-year-old who saw her best mate’s tits and thought “mine don’t look like yours”, don’t fear because there are eight other common boob shapes around. Turns out, it’s not just about big or small, boob shape depends on roundness, the slope from top to bottom, whether they start wider and get thinner or vice versa, the direction of your nipples and how full they are.

Get your boobs out, have a scroll and once you’ve finished, you’ll leave this article with a fun new nickname for your tits, woohoo!

The nine different types of boobs:


The Teardrop boob shape is fairly round but thinner at the top with a slope downwards. This shape is more identifiable from the sides as you can see the slope more clearly. From the front, they resemble a teardrop.

East West

If your nipples point outwards then you probably have East West boobs. This shape tends to gently slope from top to bottom but out to the sides. If you’re looking for a bit more lift in the middle then plunge push-up bras will sort you out.


Having asymmetrical boobs means one is larger than the other. This size difference can be barely noticeable or more pronounced, like the sketch below. If you’re looking for bras that can even them out, try push-up bras with removal pads.

Side set

Side set boobs are similar to East West with having more of a gap between the boobs, however, your nipples will face more forward. You might notice you have more side boob than cleavage.


Having athletic boobs has nothing to do with your fitness but with the more muscular-looking shape. These boobs tend to be wider with less breast tissue.


Round boobs look as you would expect – circular and symmetrical. The fullness on the top and bottom is fairly equal. This shape is more often seen on surgically enhanced breasts but some women do just have naturally round boobs.


If you have relaxed boobs, they will hang downwards and have lax tissue. The nipples are also likely to point down.


The slender boob shape doesn’t mean you’re a smaller cups size, it instead means your boobs are thinner and don’t take up as much space on your chest. Their general shape is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.

Bell shape

For the Bell shape types, your boobs will be similar to the teardrop boobs but with more of a difference between the top and bottom of the breast. The top will be thinner and will slope down, creating a bell shape from the front. This shape is often seen in women with heavier, bigger boobs.

If you notice any changes in your breasts, always seek advice from your GP. You can find the NHS advice page here.

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