So apparently there are nine types of vaginas, but which one do you have?

Including The Tulip, The Horseshoe and The Barbie

One more time – there are nine types of vaginas?! Shocking to hear for a lot of people because most women (and men) probably have the same image in their head of what they think a “normal” vagina is. Well, forget that image because it turns out there are nine normal vaginas. And even with that being said, if your vagina doesn’t look like any of these but it’s not hurting you or causing you any issues, then that’s completely normal to you.

The variation in vaginas depends on the shape and size of the outer vagina lips (labia majora) and the inner vagina lips (labia minora). If you haven’t already, get a mirror and have a look at your own to see which one of these nine vaginas you have.

The nine different types of vaginas:

Asymmetrical inner lips

Having asymmetrical inner lips basically just means one of your labia minora is bigger than the other. The difference can be so much so that one hangs down when you look in the mirror or it could be barely noticeable, you may not even realise yourself.

Curved outer lips

This is often nicknamed “The Horseshoe” vagina because the outer lips curve into a horseshoe shape. If you stand in front of the mirror and you have this vagina, the flaps make a window at the top so you can normally see the clitoris. Depending on how big the horseshoe shape is, determines how visible the inner lips are.

Prominent inner lips

This type of vagina shows the inner lips as well as the outer lips. Often the outer lips will be parted because the labia minora extends further than the labia majora. According to a former bikini waxer, this was the most common type of vagina she saw, despite the belief that this isn’t “normal”.

Prominent outer lips

Having prominent outer lips often means your labia majora are puffy and enlarged. You may still be able to see the inner lips but the outer lips will be significantly bigger.

Long, dangling inner lips

Long, dangling inner lips differs from prominent inner lips because the labia minora aren’t necessarily bigger than the other lips, but they hang lower. Often the inner lips are quite thin and can be seen if you stand in the mirror with your legs together.

Long, dangling outer lips

Unlike those who have prominent outer lips, the outer lips here are thinner rather than puffy, which causes them to hang down. Some women with this vagina have labia majora that are long enough to hang outside of their underwear.

Small open lips

Perhaps the opposite to the vagina above, having this vagina means your outer and inner lips are fairly small but your outer lips are parted sometimes meaning the clitoris can be seen when you’re stood up.

Small closed lips

Although this looks like what people consider a “normal” vagina, it is one of the most uncommon shapes. Sometimes called “The Barbie” and often the type of vagina seen in porn. This is when both your outer and inner lips are small, and the outer lips close over the labia minora.

Visible inner lips

If you have this vagina, you can see inside your outer flaps because they naturally sit pulled back. Both the inner and outer flaps are the same size and neither are puffy or hanging. Otherwise known as “The Tulip” because it can look like a flower bud.

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