The MAFS web: The Season 6 cast members who stayed in touch after the show

Heidi was a bridesmaid at Cam and Jules’ wedding 🥺

What happened to the Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 cast after the show ended? Did any of the couples stay friends, or have they gone their seperate ways never to be reminded of the bizarre experiment they just put themselves through?

Well as it was clear on the show, some of the MAFS Australia cast became good mates. When Lizzie was getting into arguments, queen Cyrell was there to back her up. Jules and Heidi loved a drunk DMC, and Mike stood up for his boys in the commitment ceremony. And after the show the friendships continued: Mel and Lizzie hang out all the time, and Tamara and Jessika even went on holiday together. This is how the cast have stayed in touch:

*Some spoilers* 

Jules and Cameron went to Cyrell’s baby shower 

In wild reality TV crossover news, Cyrell has a baby with Love Island Australia Season 1’s Eden Dally. Their baby is called Boston.

And they even go on double dates together

Apparently Cyrell met Eden at a party hosted by Jules. I just wanna know how Jules and Eden came to know each other. Are they high school friends or just know each other from the reality TV scene? Someone pls.

Mike went to stay with Mick on his farm

Mike and Mick have remained good friends after Married at First Sight Australia. Mike went to visit Mick on the farm, and he met his Mick’s new girlfriend Kayla.

Prior to this, on Mike’s Insta there’s pics of him and Mick going for beers.

Mick and Mike have also campaigned for animal charities together, such as the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, who campaign against local wildlife being impacted by urban development.

Heidi was a bridesmaid at Jules and Cameron’s actual wedding

Honestly if this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye I don’t know what will. Jules and Heidi became close friends on the show, which was obvious when they sat next to each other at every dinner party.

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A post shared by Jules (@julesrobinson82)

Heidi and Jules live at opposite ends of the country so don’t get to see each other often, especially now during the pandemic.

Mel didn’t make the cut, but at least she can joke about it

In Mel’s post she said: “Yes the rumours are true. Yes Jules dumped me as a bridesmaid. No I wasn’t at the wedding event of the year.”

But Cyrell, Mel and Mick all went to the engagement party

Mick captioned this post: “Can’t wait to celebrate the engagement of these two fine individuals very soon! Just saw on the invite that pants are optional, best news today! Also, need a plus 1….”

Mike and Dino remain friends

On his Instagram post, Mike said: “Great to catch up with this great man. We had quite a journey on #MAFS together. I’ll always appreciate our friendship. @dino_hira”

A lot of the cast were invited to Cyrell’s 30th birthday party

Wonder if Nic got an invite 👀

Tamara and Jessika went to Bali

Well this is a bit of a surprise, considering Jessika was the reason Tamara had to leave Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 after Jessika and Dan coupled up together. Keep your friends close and enemies closer I guess.

Cameron described his relationship with Nic and Heidi as ‘friends for life’ 

Cameron said: “Good friends are like stars✨ You don’t always see them but you know they are there!🙏🏽  No matter what state, suburb or postcode… Friends for life❤️ ”

Who’s the guy in the middle tho?

Nic said: “It’s always such a fun time with you guys! Love you so much! #catchups” . CUTE.

Mel and Lizzie hang out loads around Sydney

Like Heidi and Jules, Lizzie and Mel have become MAFS BFFs. They properly hangout together, not just at influencer events but IRL.

Mel was recently pictured taking part in a campaign for a cancer charity with Lizzie and her now ex-boyfriend Seb Guilhaus. Yes, that is Lizzie on the left. Yes, she has had a huge Married at First Sight transformation.

Featured image: @heidslatcham

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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