Quiz: What percentage live laugh love are you really?

If I get 100 per cent I’m buying a live laugh love print to hang in the bathroom

Live laugh love. It’s not just a series of prints your auntie has bought off Not On The High Street and stuck in the downstairs loo, a keyring or statement to be put in an Instagram bio. It’s so, so much more than that. 

It is a personality: it’s gin and tonics in big goblets, crushed velvet sofas, “it’s 5pm somewhere”, and Gemma Collins. It’s faux leather leggings, the Slug & Lettuce and lengthy Facebook statuses.

Everyone possesses some live laugh love in their soul, but just how much can be found in the genetic makeup of your DNA? Finally, you can put yourself to the test and take this quiz to define what percentage live laugh love you are.

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