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These iconic Gemma Collins moments prove the GC will live on forever


Gemma Collins is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Although it seems like not a singular second of her life comes without some sort of drama or mishap, she barely has a second to herself without a camera crew following her around most of the time – and thank God that’s the case. From taking a tumble on Dancing on Ice to taking a tumble at the Radio 1’s Teen Awards and every argument with Arg inbetween, Gemma Collins has become an absolute British cultural icon and we can only thank her.

We’re seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the most iconic Gemma Collins moments, but we’ve narrowed it down to the only very finest achievements of her career – so, here are the most iconic Gemma Collins moments of all time.

That time she cured a fan’s kidney failure with a free tote bag

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It just doesn’t get better than this. When told by a fan that they had kidney failure and were on dialysis, Gemma jumps to action and does the most important thing she could possibly do to help a fan that was clearly very ill – sending them a free bag from her collection.

The cherry on the cake? She offers them a choice of red or khaki.

When she just didn’t want to get involved

This video is one of those iconic Gemma Collins clips that serves as a reminder to anyone who occasionally gets caught up in the stress of life to just sit back, grab a drink and wait for it all to blow over. Either that or it shows she’s lazy and the last person you’d want on a shoot, but it’s brilliant nonetheless.

Decision: get a blowdry or allow the whole group to have hot water?

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If anything screams classic Gemma Collins, let this be it.

When given the choice to either have a blowdry for herself or allow her fellow housemates on Big Brother the opportunity to have hot water and use of appliances, what else could she have chosen? It’s made all the funnier that she consults the others – but you can tell she made her own mind up as soon as she was asked.

‘You ain’t ever gonna get this candy’

These two were constantly arguing, and there were some really genuinely nasty words exchanged between the two – but Gemma always came out on top and this was one of those moments. Arg did end up getting that candy again after all, but this still stands out as one of the most memorable GC moments of TOWIE.

When she fell through the stage at the Radio 1 awards

Mortifying. This looked really nasty to be fair to her, but iconic it certainly is. I feel so sorry for her, as well as for what looks like Jamie and Camilla from Love Island who have to keep their cool and help her up. In true GC diva fashion, she ended up saying she’d sue the BBC, although this never ended up happening and she signed a contract with them two years later. As you do.

…and then fell again during Dancing On Ice

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It’s honestly impressive that she managed to have really nasty falls on two separate occasions. When I tell you you’d NEVER see my face again if I did something like this, I mean it – but as always the GC got away with it just fine.


If you listen carefully enough you’ll hear that she actually said “CAUSTROPHOBIC” which is… fine…

When she wasn’t afraid to call Jason Gardiner out on live TV

In this clip from Dancing on Ice, Gemma didn’t like some of the comments that Jason made about her skating, so responded: “Maybe if you didn’t sell stories on me I wouldn’t have been so upset this week.” Did he? Apparently no, but we will NOT let that take away from this clip.

He is literally lost for words, as we all were. She then riles him up by shouting over him that he’s boring, which causes him to call her a brat. Lesson learnt – don’t try and clash with the GC, you will lose.

This very deliberate crash into someone’s boat

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It would’ve been too strenuous to stick a paddle in the water to stop the collision, right?

When she made an already tense argument 100 times worse… then walked away

This is a superb performance from Gemma. You’re being shouted at during a party (which is a weekly occurrence for the TOWIE cast) – do you concede and apologise? Or perhaps break down and explain that you’ve had a really tough time recently?

Naaaah. Not ONCE does she deny any of the claims made against her, and then as if this wasn’t enough, she airs her own friend out and causes everyone in the conversation to shout at her as she walks off. ICONIC.

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