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Selling Sunset’s Jason showed Gemma Collins houses on her reality show, and wow

This is the crossover I need


Name two things more iconic than Selling Sunset and Gemma Collins? They probably aren’t what you’d think of as an ideal combination but it turns out they actually work very well together as the two have already met. In 2019 as part of her Diva Forever show, Jason showed Gemma Collins around million dollar homes in the Hollywood Hills. Yes, it’s just as crazy as it sounds.

In episode four of Gemma Collins: Diva Forever, Gemma visits LA and sees her friend Jonathan Cheban who gives her a tour of Hollywood. At one point during the episode Jonathan wants to go buy a new house and where does he go to get these million dollar listings? The Oppenheim Group of course.

Gemma and Jonathan meet with Jason who takes them to see two properties and Gemma and Jason actually get on really well. She’d be perfect for Selling Sunset season four.

They first go into the office and meet Jason, weirdly no one from the rest of the Selling Sunset cast appears to be in the office, apart from one person who could be Mary.

Who are these people?? Via Britbox

The three of them travel to the houses in Jason’s chauffeured Rolls Royce. I had no idea he was so fancy. Gemma is incredibly enthusiastic at the first property saying “wow,wow, wow”, which Jason loves and says “I wish everyone responded like that.” God what a pairing.

Jason also invites Gemma into the fire pit where she suggests she could be a great real estate agent because of her previous work as a car saleswoman.

Jason takes them to a second house which Jonathan is more keen on but Gemma isn’t liking it as much.

However she does use the time to ask Jason lots of questions, like “Do you ask people for bank statements?” before letting them see houses, which Jason says yes to because so many times people come on holiday just looking to see nice properties.

Before they leave the last viewing Gemma gives her final pitch to Jason, claiming she would sell five houses a week, because she’s a star. Well she can’t do any worse than Davina.

If you’re reading this Jason I really think you should hire Gemma at The Oppenheim Group.

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