Um, Mary and Romain were already married before Selling Sunset season one

I feel cheated

Mary and Romain’s engagement was a major plot of series one of Selling Sunset and their wedding was the finale of season two, but now it appears they were basically lying to us, as they were already married before the show began.

Documents obtained by TMZ show Mary and Romain got married on 9th March 2018 in a Ventura courthouse, a whole three months before season one of Selling Sunset began filming.

So does this mean that Romain’s proposal to Mary in bed was completely set up?? I don’t know what to believe anymore.

A representative for Mary and Romain said they didn’t tell their friends and family about their marriage as they wanted to see if their relationship could work out.

They said: “Mary and Romain had a civil union a couple of months before the show began filming in June of 2018, but they chose not to tell any of their friends or family, as they were still trying to see if their relationship would work out in the long term.

“In their minds, they weren’t properly married until the wedding that was filmed during the show.”

This latest revelation comes out after claims Selling Sunset is faked. Chrissy Teigen claimed she had never heard of the realtors and The Mail on Sunday claimed the women in the show aren’t actually real estate agents and were instead paid actors.

However Jason has come out to defend the cast and said the women are licensed and successful real estate agents. He said: “All of the women who work out of the Oppenheim Group are licensed and successful real estate agents.”

Still upset about Mary and Romain’s marriage though.

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