Who would be your BFF in Bling Empire? Take this quiz to find out

You know what I kinda want to be best mates with Florent

One of the nicest things about Bling Empire is that the cast genuinely seem like they’re best friends. In Selling Sunset and other trashy Netflix reality TV shows, it’s obvious that when the cameras are off they absolutely despise one another, but in Bling Empire it feels different. Kane and Kevin literally fly across the country to try and find Kim’s dad, Anna throws lavish parties for Florent and gives everyone expensive presents all the time and even Christine’s interactions with the group don’t feel fake. It’s nice!

But the biggest question is, who would be your best friend if you were in Bling Empire? Who would you be flying to Paris, placing $1,100 trainer bets with, and wing-manning on a night out? Obviously we’re all hoping to be BFF with Kane or Anna, but maybe deep down you’re more scientifically chummy with Jaime, Kevin or Kim. Don’t worry, Andrew is not an option in this quiz. That would be a disaster.

Take this Bling Empire best friend quiz to find out who your BFF would be: 

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