Bling Empire transformations: What the cast looked like before the fillers

So THIS is where all their money is going?!


When it was on, everyone went wild for Bling Empire on Netflix. The show follows some of the richest socialites in LA as they blow ridiculous amounts of money on parties, clothes and extravagant jewellery, among other things. But one thing everyone seems to be questioning is if the Bling Empire cast spend their money on surgery and cosmetic transformations.

And tbh, one of them is married to a plastic surgeon, we literally see Kane going to get work done, and they call each other “faker than her boobs” and make jokes about their own fillers. It’s no surprise people are thinking this. So I’ve done some digging to hunt out their old pictures and everything that is known about the surgery and work the Bling Empire cast have / haven’t had done – these are the biggest transformations.

Christine Chiu

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Christine Chiu is married to a celebrity plastic surgeon, so it would be no surprise if in the past she’s had some work done herself. In season three Jaime jokes she’s had a boob job done, and filler in Christine’s face and lips has also been mentioned.

There’s no denying that Christine Chiu leads a life that most of us can only dream of but also, back in the day, she used to love a Snapchat filter as much as the next person. One of the most shocking transformations for the Bling Empire star was when she shared a throwback snap to her at college, when she says she had a “blonde moment”. She captioned the Instagram snap “#WhatWasIThinking” but to be honest, I think she rocks it.

via Instagram @christine_chiu88

Kelly Mi Li

via Netflix / Instagram @kellymili

Kelly has never openly spoken about getting cosmetic surgery done, but her face does look very different to old pictures of her. Her lips appear fuller, as do her cheeks.

Kane Lim

via Netflix/Instagram

If you want to see Kane Lim before and after cosmetic surgery, he literally shows us him having it done in season two. But, even before then, he had been subject of loads of botox and filler speculation. To be fair, on the show his face does look flawless, and his cheek bones are SHARP. It definitely looks like some filler has being on here, which Kane doesn’t speak about all that much.

via Instagram @kanelk_k

Anna Shay

via Netflix/Instagram @annashay93

Queen of Bling Empire, Anna Shay, looks totally different in old pictures of her from Instagram. For a start she’s brunette, and her cheeks and lips look much less full than they do on the show. According to Weight and Skin, it hasn’t been confirmed if she has had plastic surgery, but an expert believes Anna has had botox injections, a facelift and fillers.

Kim Lee

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via Instagram @kimlee

Kim Lee is an international DJ, who has been called the hottest woman in South East Asia, and is a self-proclaimed “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” girl. But has she had any work done? According to experts who spoke to Weight and Skin, it’s likely that Kim Lee has had botox and lip fillers. As well as this, Stars Offline reports that it has previously been claimed that she has a had a boob job. However, there are no interviews or posts from Kim herself which say this.

Dorothy Wang

via Netflix/Instagram @dorothywang

Dorothy Wang joined the cast in season two, and not a lot is known about if she has had any work done. According to CelebDiaries, she did once admit to getting filler, but other than that says she is just really good at contouring. Dorothy is never out of her full-glam looks, but on Instagram she shared a no-makeup challenge, with a fresh-faced selfie.

Guy Tang

Bling Empire, transformations, before, after, plastic surgery, fillers, botox, cast, old, new, pictures, Guy Tang

via Netflix / Instagram @guy_tang

Guy Tang is another member of the Bling Empire cast who has been subject to some online speculation about work he may have had done on his face – with some adding his “new face” makes them feel “uncomfortable”and others saying he’s been “looking a little different recently”. It does look like he may have had some filler done, but it’s just speculation.

Cherie Chan

Bling Empire, transformations, before, after, plastic surgery, fillers, botox, cast, old, new, pictures, Cherie Chan

via Instagram @cherieofficial

With Cherie, it’s less of an actual transformation and more of what she used to look like before she began editing her pictures. Kane said on the show that she’s a fan of fixing up her pictures, and you can see that she loves changing her eye colours, editing them bigger and retouching her skin.

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