Bling Empire heirs: This is exactly where all their family money comes from

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Straight away in Bling Empire on Netflix we’re introduced to a bunch of rich heirs and heiresses living their best lives and splashing cash. Within the first episode you already know that their lives are crazy, the drama is intense and their bank balances are enviable.

So, it’s no surprise that you’re probably interested in how the cast found themselves with so much money. Some of the Bling Empire cast are self-made millionaires, but a lot of them have been born into money and are now the heirs of huge family fortunes. Here’s exactly where all that money comes from.

Anna Shay

The heirs and heiresses of Bling Empire on Netflix and where their family money came from

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Anna Shay is the richest of all the Bling Empire cast. And she had a pretty interesting introduction to the show, with us being told she’s a billionaire heiress and her father sells weapons. Kane said about her: “Her father sells bombs, guns, defence technology and is a worth a few billion.”

Anna’s father, Edward Shay, is the late billionaire founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE), a defence contracting firm. He was an engineer working in Japan and founded the company in 1995. The company specialises in top-secret work for the United Nations and the American government.

Following Edward Shay’s death in 1995, his son, Allen, took over the company as chairman and CEO. Anna and her younger brother Allen sold the company to Lockheed Martin in an all-cash, $1.2 billion deal in 2006. It was sold by Lockheed in 2011 to Lindsay Goldberg for about $700 million and Goldberg went on to sell the company again in 2016.

Kane Lim

The heirs and heiresses of Bling Empire on Netflix and where their family money came from

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Kane Lim grew up in Singapore, and is introduced onto the show as a billionaire heir. His dad is a billionaire business owner from Singapore, and the family own shopping malls, with their money coming from oil, shipping, tanking and real estate. Not much more is known about his family and their billion dollar company, other than that his grandparents left communist China for Singapore. Kane has said in previous interviews that he wishes to keep his family’s identity private.

Christine Chiu

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Christine Chiu is a Taiwanese heiress who was born in Taiwan and raised in Beverly Hills. In an interview with Oprah Mag, she says it’s a common misconception that she married into wealth. “I come from a financially sound background”, she said. Not much else is known about her family life, but according to StarsOffline she hasn’t spoken to her wealthy father in “decades” after being “cut off” from the family for “unknown reasons”.

Gabriel Chiu

Dr Chiu, Gabriel Chiu, family, parents

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Everyone’s ears perked up when it was revealed on the show that Dr Gabriel is the 24th direct descent of the Song dynasty. This is an imperial dynasty of China that began in 960 and lasted until 1279. If they were still in existence Gabriel’s father would be an emperor and he would be next in line. Baby G is a prince!! Kinda.

Jaime Xie

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In the show it is said that most of Jaime’s money comes from a trust fund. Her father is Ken Xie, a Beijing-born billionaire who made his vast amount of money in cybersecurity technology in Silicon Valley. He founded the company Fortinet in 2000 and has a net worth of around $4billion.

Fortinet was founded with his brother, Michael Xie, and the pair become billionaires in 2019 from their investment. The company develops and markets cybersecurity products and services, such as firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion prevention.

Cherie Chan

The heirs and heiresses of Bling Empire on Netflix and where their family money came from

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Cherie Chan is introduced as the heiress to a denim empire, run by the “godfather of denim”. That company is undisclosed, but it has been reported that her uncle currently runs it.

Jessey Lee

Bling Empire, heirs, heiress, heir, money, family, company, own, parents, Netflix, Jessey Lee

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Jessey, Cherie’s partner, is described by her on the show as a “trust fund baby”. It’s said that he owns a vast furniture company. Daily Mail reports that he is “being groomed to run his family’s furniture empire”. According to reports the company is called Lee’s Furniture.

Dorothy Wang

The heirs and heiresses of Bling Empire on Netflix and where their family money came from

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Dorothy has joined the Bling Empire cast in season two, and fits right in with her fellow trust fund kids and heirs. She is the heiress to a billion dollar fortune. Dorothy’s parents are Roger and Vivine Wang, and 73-year-old Roger is extremely successful in business. He has a net worth of $3.5billion according to Forbes, which makes him the 819th richest person in the world.

Roger Wang is the head of Golden Eagle International, which builds malls and office buildings in eastern China. He first made money building condos in LA, and then used that money to start his Golden Eagle business. The company was founded in 1992. He is no longer CEO, but is still listed as chairman of the company.

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