Bling Empire cast net worths: Ranking how filthy rich the Netflix stars actually are

Anna Shay is worth a cool $600million

Bling Empire is literally all about money – so it should come as a surprise to nobody that the net worths of the cast members have quite a few zeros on the end. But for real, we’re not just talking a few million here and a few million there, these guys are worth tens, and sometimes hundreds, of millions – it’s the type of money where it gets actually difficult to comprehend.

From those who just have so much family money they don’t know what to do with it, to cast members who have taken their money and invested it, or started their own businesses and careers. Here are the absolutely huge net worths of all the cast members in Bling Empire.

Kelly Mi Li – $5million (£3.6million)

Kelly Mi Li

via Netflix

Kelly used to be married to a very rich man in her 20s, and she spoke about her marriage in season one. She said it broke down when he was arrested for running one of the biggest cyber scams in American history. After this, Kelly became an entrepreneur. She has produced TV shows and movies whilst in Los Angeles, and is also a rising influencer.

Kim Lee – $10million (£7.3million)

The net worths of all the cast of Bling Empire on Netflix, Kim Lee

via Netflix

Kim Lee used to be a model, but is now a world-famous DJ. On the show she is described as “Asia’s Calvin Harris” and the  “number one hottest female in southeast Asia”. She has worked with the likes of Steve Aoki, Diplo, and Cardi B and, in season two, learns she has landed a residency gig in a hotel in Las Vegas. She’s a self-made millionaire, now estimated to be worth around $10million.

Kevin Kreider – $10million (£7.3million)

Kevin Kreider

via Netflix

Kevin might present himself as the “everyman” of Bling Empire, but he’s actually mega rich. He was the focus in the 2019 documentary “The Ugly Model” and is the CEO of his own company in Los Angeles, Taejin Entertainment LLC. He also works as a coach and motivational speaker, giving people advice on nutrition and fitness. According to his LinkedIn, he has also founded a matcha company.

Dorothy Wang – $10million (£7.3million)

Dorothy Wang

via Netflix

New face Dorothy definitely comes from money – the Wang family is very, very well off. Dorothy’s parents are Roger and Vivine Wang, and 73-year-old Roger is extremely successful in business. He has a net worth of $3.5billion according to Forbes, which makes him the 819th richest person in the world.

Dorothy isn’t badly off either, as per Celebrity Net Worth, she has a net worth of $10million all on her own. She has been on a couple of other reality TV shows, has also worked in real estate, and launched her own jewellery line.

Kane Lim – $20million (£14.6million)

The net worths of all the cast of Bling Empire on Netflix, Kane Lim

via Netflix

Kane Lim has a mega rich family too, but he has a personal net worth of $20million. He comes from a billionaire family, which owns shopping malls and his family money has come from oil, shipping, tanking and real estate.

Kane is a real estate developer and investor, and started his first business venture at the age of 17. He was able to pay back his parents, who gave him a loan to set it up, within just a couple of months. Kane was a millionaire by 20. Most recently, it has been announced he is now working at the Selling Sunset brokerage, The Oppenheim Group, AND he is the first southeast Asia ambassador and face of Rihanna’s brand, Fenty!

Jaime Xie – $50million (£36.7million)

The net worths of all the cast of Bling Empire on Netflix, Jaime Xie

via Netflix

Jaime is a fashion blogger and influencer, and is the daughter of Ken Xie – a Beijing-born billionaire who made his fortune in cybersecurity technology in Silicon Valley. He founded the company Fortinet in 2000 and has an estimated net worth of around $4billion. Jaime is now making a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu – $80million (£58.7million)

Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu

via Netflix

Together, Christine and Dr Gabriel have created a pretty impressive net worth of $80million. He is literally the direct descent of the Song dynasty, an imperial dynasty of China that began in 960 and lasted until 1279. If they were still in existence, Gabriel’s father would be an emperor and he would be next in line.

But they’ve made their own money as well as the family money. Gabriel Chiu built and runs Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, a clinic in Los Angeles. The doctor is a renowned celebrity plastic surgeon and specialises in reconstructive surgery. Christine is a Taiwanese heiress and is said to help out running the business.

Mimi Morris – $100million

The net worths of all the cast of Bling Empire on Netflix, Mimi Morris

via Netflix

According to a few online reports, season two newbie Mimi isn’t exactly short of a few bucks. She has been reported as having a net worth of $100million. Since moving to the US, she has started her own business and modelled for various brands throughout her career. What’s more, Mimi is married to Donald Morris, who is the CEO of Morris Group International and has a net worth of $800million. So yeah, the couple joint are worth near on a billion dollars. Sure.

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee – $200million (£147million)

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee

via Netflix

Cherie and Jessey are another couple in the Bling Empire cast, equally having built up impressive net worths together. In the show, Cherie is introduced as having previously been on her way to becoming a pop star in Japan. She is also heiress to a denim empire that her uncle runs. Jessey Lee owns a huge furniture empire, so together they have some serious cash.

Anna Shay – $600million (£440million)

The net worths of all the cast of Bling Empire on Netflix, Anna Shay

via Netflix

Of course, Queen Anna Shay has to take top spot. With a reported net worth of $600million, she has by far the highest of all the Bling Empire cast members’ individual net worths. She is an heiress – Anna’s father, Edward Shay, is the late billionaire founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers, a defence contracting firm. On the show it says she is “super super wealthy” and that her money comes from weapons. “Her father sells bombs, guns, defence technology and is a worth a few billion”, Kane said in season one.

According to Oprah Mag, Anna is so rich she “didn’t know what to do” with the money she got from Netflix for being in the Bling Empire series. Oh, how the other half live.

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