If you’re not watching Bling Empire on Netflix, here are the reasons you really need to

This show is ridiculous and chaotic so I need 10 seasons of it right now please

You need to stop what you’re doing and watch Bling Empire on Netflix right now.

The show is a reality series all about the wealthiest Asian socialites living it up in LA. This bunch have as much drama as the most shocking episodes of Selling Sunset and money to literally burn. From self-made millionaires, influencers and real estate investors, to billionaire heirs and daughters of weapons traders. Yep, this show really has it all.

If you need some real escapism in your life, and a big ol’ spoon of drama and chaos, here are all the reasons why Bling Empire on Netflix is everything you could dream of and so much more.

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Bling Empire is as dramatic as Selling Sunset, but they are all multi millionaires and heirs to billions

The show follows the cast and their day-to-day dramas and how they spend their fortunes. And we’re not talking retired tech billionaires, the cast of Bling Empire are mainly young heirs spending thousands on clothes and parties. But it’s not just that, the show has so much drama it makes Selling Sunset look tame at times. Who knew there was so much chaos in being some of the richest people in LA?! There are huge fights, bitchy comments and drinks are indeed thrown.

In one episode they throw a party for a literal toddler and there’s a Gucci bag claw machine in there – in case you wanted an idea of how much money we’re talking.

Brb not leaving till I’ve won one x

At points, Bling Empire borderlines on ridiculous and that is why I ask for Netflix to inject it into my veins.

Anna Shay is enough of a reason to watch the show

Anna Shay. What a gift to the world this woman has been. We’re first introduced to her as the daughter of a weapons dealer billionaire, as she’s hammering a wall in a designer dress. From this moment on, I knew it was love.

She says it how it is, is a completely unbothered queen and has already become the face of some incredible memes. 2020 started with Joe Exotic and 2021 is starting with Anna Shay. Nature is healing.

Also, Kane. That’s all

Kane is the perfect balance. He’s introduced as this crazy heir to billions who has a $365,000 shoe collection and lives the most flashy life you could ever imagine, but everyone goes to him for advice and nobody has a bad word to say about him. When all the drama is kicking off and drinks are being thrown, Kane is there pulling the train of your £10,000 dress out the way.

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Kane is the kind of best friend everyone needs, and it shows because most of the cast seem to call him their bestie. He’s straight talking, but also really caring and down to earth. He’s always there for his friends when they need him to be, but he is also the kind of friend who, if you wear something really ugly, will tell you it’s ugly and not let you go out wearing it. Be more Kane.

There’s a classic villain style character, just for good measure

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It seems as though Netflix is obsessed with giving us trashy reality shows with a villain called Christine in them. To be honest, I am not complaining for a single second – Netflix, keep them coming. Christine in Bling Empire is a lil bit shady, more materialistic than the others and name drops like you have never seen before.

Having said all this, I genuinely believe all the Bling Empire cast are actually best friends

They all hang out together and have a laugh, and unlike other reality shows where it’s awkward and seems forced, it really looks like these guys are happy and want to be there (apart from the scene where they sent Anna to Christine’s house – nobody wanted to be there).

Anna loves nothing more than buying all of her friends gifts and having them come to her house. One of the cast members, Cherie, openly talks about a recent loss and Kane and Kevin are straight over to her place. They pray with her, and it’s said that they were at hospital with her beforehand. Cherie tells Kane she didn’t know true friendship before him.

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The cast actually have a special place in my heart now. Apart from Christine and Andrew, soz.

They are under no impression their lives are normal, they KNOW they are wild

If you think you’re going to despise the cast because they’re so rich and brainwashed into thinking they’re not privileged and that they live a normal life then think again. What makes this show even better is that for not a single second do they think they are living normally. Anna on multiple occasions refers to their way of living as “abnormal”. It’s fun to watch them, because they are just living their lives and having a great time.

The embraced “everyman” Kevin and love him and his “normal” quirks and lack of rich lifestyle knowledge. I genuinely feel like if you bumped into someone from the show on the street (especially Kane) and asked to spend a day with them living the life, they’d love it.

The Bling Empire houses are unreal

Everyone loves looking inside rich people’s houses, and these ones are on another level. Just LOOK:

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Kevin takes his top of a lot

If you’re into that kind of thing.

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You also learn a lot about different cultures, BLING EMPIRE IS BASICALLY EDUCATIONAL

I’m not going to sit here and try to say my brain cells are being exercised whilst watching this show, because they really really aren’t. But, the show does say a lot about Asian culture. The cast members go through different life events such as having children out of wedlock, marriage and relationships, and you see some opinions on surrogacy which are discussed in relation to their cultures.

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As well as this, it’s a fun insight into celebrations too. The cast see the New Year and different festivals and you watch them celebrate with family and friends. And have big fights and drama at the same time, of course.

The Bling Empire memes are already sublime

If you get FOMO when you see memes about a show you haven’t watched, then you should watch Bling Empire. That’s all.

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