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Inside the glamorous Instagrams of the Bling Empire cast on Netflix

You thought Kevin was topless a lot on the show? Just you wait till you see his Insta

If you’ve started watching Bling Empire on Netflix you are probably already hooked on the chaotic drama of the richest Asian socialites in LA. They definitely don’t hold back, and they do it all dressed head to toe in clothes you couldn’t ever dream of being able to afford. So, are the Bling Empire cast members Instagrams as crazy and wild as the series?

In short, yes. Their profiles are full of private jets, money flashing and designer clothes. Here are all the Instagrams belonging to the cast of Bling Empire on Netflix so you can follow them and become even more obsessed with their lavish lifestyles.

Kevin Kreider

Instagram handle: @kevin.kreider

Followers: 177k

Oh, you thought Kevin got topless a lot on the show? Just you wait till you see his Instagram then! I’m not sure he owns any shirts! Yeah, lots and lots of modelling pictures.

Kane Lim

Instagram handle: @kanelk_k

Followers: 213k

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A post shared by kane lim (@kanelk_k)

Honestly, Kane’s Instagram account is everything you would expect. He describes himself as a “Real Estate Developer /Investor /Philanthropist/” and basically posts pictures of him looking as rich as possible. Be that by posing in front of flash cars, with bags of designer shopping or in front of private jets. Basically, Kane wants us all to know he is absolutely living.

Anna Shay

Instagram handle: @annashay93

Followers: 74.1k

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A post shared by Anna Shay (@annashay93)

On Instagram, Anna describes herself as a “socialite & philanthropist” and has a special place in her bio for her French bestie, Florent, who appears with her a lot on the show. Her account is filled with pictures of her at swanky events and in Paris, as you would expect.

Christine Chiu

Instagram handle: @christine_chu88

Followers: 304k

Christine’s Insta basically looks like she’s hired a professional photographer to follow her around and capture everything expensive and outlandish that she’s ever done – and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that was actually the case. There are professional family shots on the beach, a New Year rooftop shoot, professional Christmas pictures and even professional shots of her walking onto a private jet. Oh, and some pics with Prince Charles for good measure. She really will never live it down, will she?

Kelly Mi Li

Instagram handle: @kellymili

Followers: 119k

Kelly’s bio describes her as an entrepreneur, producer and travel junkie. As far as her feed goes, it’s like an influencer’s but with a huge sprinkling of extra cash. Holidays, events, dinners with friends, posed shots with coffee as if she just woke up with a full face of makeup and hair perfectly in place and rooftop “work” setups feature highly.

Andrew Gray

Instagram handle: @andrewgray

Followers: 81.2k

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A post shared by Andrew Gray (@andrewgray)

Actor Andrew mainly shares behind the scenes shots of him on set on his Instagram. That, and the odd video or picture of him at the gym. His bio describes him as an actor, producer and entrepreneur – not too dissimilar to Kelly’s bio.

Jaime Xie

Instagram handle: @jaimexie

Followers: 317k

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A post shared by JAIME XIE (@jaimexie)

Jaime said in the show she wants to go into fashion, and her Instagram profile reflects that. It’s lots of very artsy shoots, and gives you all the cool-girl vibes you would expect.

Kim Lee

Instagram handle: @kimlee

Followers: 621k

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A post shared by ᴋɪᴍ ʟᴇᴇ (@kimlee)

From someone who has been described as the hottest woman from South East Asia, you wouldn’t be surprised that Kim Lee’s Instagram is full of selfies and modelling shoots. She said it herself, if you’ve got it flaunt it. The ex-model and now international DJ has been on a lot of magazine covers.

Guy Tang

Instagram handle: @guy_tang

Followers: 2.1million

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A post shared by Guy Tang® (@guy_tang)

Guy is actually the most followed member of the Bling Empire cast on Instagram. He has over two million followers, to which he shares loads of his whacky YouTube videos and his music too. He also shares a lot from his career as a celebrity hair colourist, Guy is known for his intricate rainbow highlights, which can take upwards of 12 hours to create and cost over $1,000. After a look on his Insta, I want him to do my hair too.

Cherie Chan

Instagram handle: @cherieofficial

Followers: 276k

Just like they said on the show, Cherie is not afraid of some picture editing on Instagram. Her profile is full of extreme retouching and feature enhancing. Other than that, it’s mainly sushi, which is very fair.

All follower counts from Instagrams were accurate at time of publication and Bling Empire is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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