Are Kelly and Andrew from Bling Empire still together? An investigation

I hope not!

*Contains spoilers*

Amongst the gossip and drama ignited via penis pumps, $1,000 trainers and seating arrangements, there’s one storyline in Bling Empire that’s grabbing everyone’s attention: Kelly and Andrew’s tumultuous relationship. If you’re only a few episodes in, after *that* Paris episode and the therapy sessions, you are probably thinking are Kelly and Andrew from Bling Empire still together?

We know the Bling Empire net worths and ages, but what’s going on in Kelly and Andrew’s relationship, and have they managed to make it work?

So, is Bling Empire’s Kelly and Andrew still together? 

In the series, we see the real ups and downs of Kelly and Andrew’s relationship. One moment they’re in fluffy white towels with their hands all over each other, the next they’re crying in a recording studio getting into a heated argument making you feel like if someone doesn’t all 911, then you will do it yourself.

Whether it’s real life or the cameras making up a narrative for the show, the relationship does not look healthy. Andrew Gray, who is known as being the “red Power Ranger”, loses control frequently during arguments, screaming at Kelly Li Mi down the phone and all together just acting like a dick. Kelly accepts his apologies, and the vicious cycle restarts again.

kelly and andrew bling empire

Despite trying couples therapy, Kelly asks to split up, giving Andrew a week to move his stuff out of the house they share. They meet up post-break up so Andrew can see their dog, and of course they end up kissing. The relationship continues to restart slowly again in secret, but Kelly eventually breaks things off again.

The series ends on a cliffhanger, with Andrew opening his door to Kelly looking all dolled-up. So are Kelly and Andrew together or what???

Well, neither have posted any pictures of one another on Instagram recently, however Andrew did post a pic of him and the dog they share in September 2020.

kelly and andrew bling empire

Credit: @andrewgray

There’s a group shot of Andrew and the Bling Empire cast from March 2019, but the last picture of just Kelly and Andrew together is from July 26th 2018. Kelly’s last picture of Andrew is from a holiday to Tulum in Mexico, uploaded January 9th 2018. From the cliffhanger, they could be together but keeping a low profile on social media, or they’ve genuinely broken up. Who knows!

kelly and andrew bling empire

Credit: @andrewgray

Kelly told Distractify filming Bling Empire was a “scary process”, and that it made her and Andrew “vulnerable”.

“In the Asian culture, you don’t air out your dirty laundry. Whatever happens at home it’s supposed to stay inside,” Kelly said. “So, for us, it was just the dynamic of me and Andrew’s relationship. Most people didn’t know how difficult it was at times. People kind of see the happy moments of us when we’re out, but there’s a lot of difficult times.

“There’s definitely a lot of cliffhangers…I guess we have to find out if me and Andrew make it or not.”

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