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Who from Bling Empire on Netflix are you? Take this quiz to find out

Look, we can’t all be Anna

When in the first episode of Bling Empire on Netflix we were introduced to Anna sledgehammering a wall in a ball gown, I knew these were the type of people I aspire to be just like. You can say what you like, but living it up with loads of money and a bunch of people who genuinely seem like they’re all best mates is the life goal. We can only dream of being part of the enviable Bling Empire clique, but if you were one of them – this quiz is about to tell you who.

The Bling Empire friendship group has every type of friend there is: Cherie is the mum, Kim is the hot mess, Kelly is the baby, Kevin is the everyman, Kane is everyone’s brutal but loving bestie, Jaime is the cool girl, Christine is the villain and we all know Anna is the queen. But who is your Bling Empire spirit animal? To be honest, I’m channelling Kim chucking a penis pump out of Anna’s window and then standing in the corner holding the Holy Bible for the rest of 2021.

You can only truly be one of them, so find out here.

Take this quiz to find out which person from Bling Empire on Netflix you really are:

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