PSA: Love Island Australia’s Grant Crapp had a secret girlfriend the ENTIRE TIME

As IF this show couldn’t get any more wild

Love Island Australia season 1 finished last night with Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp taking the crown. But what I really need you to know is that Grant had a secret girlfriend for the WHOLE series who Tayla and the rest of the Love Island cast had no idea about.

The series first aired two years ago, and once the Love Island Australia cast got back Down Under, all the gossip started to unravel.

12 days after the show finished, Tayla announced she and Grant were done after hearing rumours he still had a GF back home in Aus. Tayla was first made aware of the rumour in the villa, which Grant denied to be true, but on getting back to Aus the gossip started up again.

According to Tayla, Love Island Australia’s Grant Crapp didn’t come in to the villa to find love, but instead to “make a name for himself” (!!!), continuing: “The information I’ve been given is that Grant told the girlfriend he was going on Love Island Australia to promote his business and make a name for himself. She obviously, and I don’t know why, was okay with this. That’s what doesn’t make sense in my mind.”

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After the split, Grant begged Tayla to take him back live on air, saying: “It’s just hard because I went on Love Island and I fell in love with Tayla, I still do love the girl. I will try my best to win her back.”

But then fast forward only TWO weeks, and Grant’s posing for a magazine cover with old flame Lucy Cartwright. 

Grant and Lucy deny they were a ‘secret couple’, with Lucy saying she only realised she had feelings for Grant when she saw him on TV. Lucy said: “Going into it, I didn’t really think I had feelings for Grant. But I don’t think it was until he was on there and I was watching it that I sort of went, ‘Oh, I did have feelings that were more than just a friendship'”.

Grant said: “Obviously I was going into the villa with an open heart and looking for love. But then, I’ve come out, me and Tayla are finished and I’m back with Lucy.”

Anyway the pair ended up buying a house together and are still together today.

Tayla ended up dating Dom Thomas for a bit which was cute, but the pair broke up in June 2019.

Out of all the Love Island Australia couples, only Josh Moss and Amelia Marni are still together.

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