Quiz: Which Love Island Australia girl are you?

I need to be Erin

If you’re currently watching Love Island Australia for the first time, a few things will have become crystal clear: the Australian version is 10 times better than the UK’s, the Islanders are much fitter, there’s way more sex, arguments and drama, and in summary it takes you back to a better LI time (UK seasons 1-3) when the contestants cared more about making good TV than spon-con deals. This season of Love Island Australia aired a few years ago, and at the time we told you which Love Island Australia boy you’d have a cheeky pash with, but now this Love Island Australia girl quiz will tell you which female Islander you are, because there is no doubt you are absolutely desperate to know.

Do you think you’re more of an Erin, a real girl’s girl who jumps in at any moment to stand up for her mates? Or are you more of a Natasha, a bit of a princess (you don’t care, you own it) who won’t settle for anything less than the best? Maybe you’re more Millie, Tayla or Francoise. I can’t tell you, but this quiz definitely can.

Take this Love Island Australia girl quiz to find out which Love Island Australia girl you are: 

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