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Who is Chef Adam from Below Deck and where is he now?

Yes he’s still living out of a van, yes he’s still hot

There’s been many chefs on Below Deck, but none have been as chaotic as chef Adam. Remember when he flat out refused to not include onions in the charter guests’ meals, despite half of them specifically saying in black and white they hated onions? And when he continued to dice those little onions, despite the food coming back several times? Or even more chaotic was his love triangle with Malia and Wes, when it turned out Malia and Adam had hooked up before – “the penthouse?? Santorini??” – and the whole boat fell out over it. God it was good.

But what is chef Adam from Below Deck up to now? He’s completed three seasons of Below Deck and yep, he’s still living in a van.

Chef Adam seems to be single, after breaking up with another Below Deck crew mate 

In Below Deck Sailing Yacht (terrible name), Adam and chief steward Jenna Macgillivray hooked up and were in a relationship with one another.

However in an Insta Q&A, when asked whether she and Adam were still together, Jenna alluded to a split saying: “The path was cleared for me to be my normal stoked self and find someone that shares my values.”

From his social media, it looks like Adam is still single 👀

He still lives in a van and you know what, it looks kinda nice

Maybe I’ll live in a van, who knows!

Over 300,000 people follow his extremely National Geographic-esque Instagram

Real talk Adam is this your life or are you taking some pics for a Patagonia/North Face ad?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adam Glick (@chefadamglick)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adam Glick (@chefadamglick)

Being the outdoorsy type, chef Adam’s Instagram is stacked with fishing, kayaking and surfing pics, as well as foodie shots of his cooking.

He dropped out of uni to pursue a career as a chef

According to his website, Adam dropped out of university two years in after realising he wanted to be a chef. He enrolled at San Diego’s Art Institute of California instead, where he got a BA in Culinary Management.

Meet Tex, Adam’s cute rescue dog

Adam rescued Tex from the streets in Texas – hence the name.

And look they even surf together!!!

Adam has been on three seasons of Below Deck

You can catch him on Below Deck Mediterranean season two in Croatia, season three in Italy, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht (still not over this terrible name).

When he’s not cooking, he volunteers at a surf therapy school

Adam volunteers at A Walk On Water, a charity providing surf lessons as a form of therapy to people with disabilities.

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A post shared by Adam Glick (@chefadamglick)

“My first day helping to teach these kids how to surf in Malibu I was hooked, inspired, and relieved,” Adam said. “I’m starting to think the surf therapy is actually for the adults and surf instructors. The smile on these kids faces is priceless and makes you feel amazing inside.”

He has said he’s ‘over’ being a yacht chef

Hopefully this isn’t the end of Adam on any future Below Deck series, but in an interview Adam said after working 12 years at sea, he was “fucking over it”. Despite this, he said seeing himself “play out on television for three-plus years has been a rewarding experience – it’s still nice to see yourself and sort of reflect on who you are and how you treat people.

“I’m ready to have a ranch. I’m ready to live my life on land and grow a beautiful garden.”

Featured image credit: @chefadamglick

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