Here are all the Instagrams for the drivers in Netflix’s Drive to Survive

Just a cool 21.6m people follow Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 drivers have a pretty sweet life – they get to travel around the world for work, get paid a fat wage to race for a living, often live in boujee places like Monaco, and of course own fancy cars. With all this considered, it’s no surprise the F1 drivers have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. But which of the Drive to Survive Instagrams has the most followers, and whose Insta has the best vibes?

These are the Drive to Survive Instagrams you need to follow: 

Lewis Hamilton – @lewishamilton 

Followers: 21.6m

Lewis Hamilton has a whopping 21.6m followers, the most out of all the Formula 1 drivers. On his Instagram, Lewis posts pics of his Vogue-cover worthy bulldog Roscoe (he has his own Insta with 287k followers too!), as well as pictures from the race track, usually trophy in hand.

Lewis is also an activist, and regularly posts about Black Lives Matter and veganism.

Valtteri Bottas – @valtteribottas

Followers: 1.9m

Valtteri Bottas’ Instagram is a mixture between professional race track pics and very snowy scenes in Finland, where he is from. From his Insta, he’s into his cold running, skiing, cycling and rally driving.

Max Verstappen – @maxverstappen1

Followers: 4m

Max posts a lot of pictures of him and his family, as well as shots of him running around Monaco for his training, which is where he lives.

There’s plenty of pics of him flying around in what looks like a private jet, presumably to and from the race track.

Alex Albon – @alex_albon

Followers: 976k

Alex Albon’s Instagram is a good mix between professional Alex and fun Alex. There’s plenty of pics of him in his Red Bull racing gear, but also pics of his friends and family.

George Russell appears several times on Alex’s Instagram – they even went on a holiday to LA with one another 🥺

Sergio Perez – @schecoperez

Followers: 1.6m

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Perez’s Instagram is mainly made up of pics of him racing or being interviewed. We do get a lil sneak peek into his home life, as he sometimes posts pics of his wife and children.

Lance Stroll – @lance_stroll

Followers: 453k

Like his former Racing Point (now Aston Martin) team mate, Lance maintains a professional looking Instagram. Pics from off the race track shows he enjoys skiing, visiting luxury holiday destinations (hello Mustique), and playing golf.

Charles Leclerc – @charles_leclerc

Followers: 4.2m

No surprises that Leclerc has one of the highest Instagram followings out of all the Drive to Survive Instagrams – the man is a Giorgio Armani model after all. I mean wow:

Aside from his model shots (of which he does post a lot – no complaints), Charles Leclerc’s Instagram is mainly Ferrari promo shots from the race track.

One more model pic for good luck:

Sebastian Vettel – @vettelofficial

Followers: 1.3m

Sebastian Vettel’s Instagram is weirdly one of the few not to be verified, despite him having 1.3m followers. It really is just pics from the race track, so nothing too exciting if you were hoping for a better insight into his life outside of work.

Carlos Sainz – @carlossainz55

Followers: 2.3m

Carlos Sainz’s dog comes in at a close second behind Lewis Hamilton’s – just stunning work! Outside of racing for McLaren, it looks like Carlos enjoys spending his time on the golf course.

Lando Norris – @landonorris

Followers: 2.5m

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Lando Norris, the youngest driver on the track at just 21 years old, has an impressive 2.5m Instagram followers. His Instagam is very McLaren, with a blue and orange aesthetic throughout.

Daniel Ricciardo – @danielricciardo

Followers: 4.2m

Thanks to his stunning face, Daniel Ricciardo picks up a fair amount of sponsored content, including Amazon.

His Insta is a good mix of F1 content, modelling shots, silly selfies and pics of him with family and friends. An all-round good Insta account.

Esteban Ocon – @estebanocon

Followers: 818k

Like many of his fellow F1 drivers, Esteban Ocon’s Instagram is mainly used to track his career at Renault, now known as Alpine, with the odd family pic here and there., Will Smith and Tom Holland also feature!

George Russell – @georgerussell63

Followers: 1.6m

23-year-old Williams driver George Russell’s Instagram is a delight. He’s living it up on holiday, he’s wearing some garish shirts, he’s hanging out with Alex Albon – it’s a feed of a man living it UP.

He’s also very partial to a peace and pout moment – like a true UK hun.

Nicholas Latifi – @nicholaslatifi

Followers: 199k

Nicholas Latifi has a few less Instagram followers than fellow teammate George Russell, with 199k followers to his name.

Pierre Gasly – @pierregasly

Followers: 1.5m

Pierre Gasly is sitting on a healthy 1.5m Instagram followers, but with pics like this it’s baffling the numbers aren’t at Lewis Hamilton levels:

The AlphaTauri driver posts pics of him working out and training, with friends and family, and gaming on that triple screened video game he plays on Drive to Survive.

Daniil Kyvat – @danydk1

Followers: 538k

The new Alpine reserve driver, formerly of AlphaTauri, has just over half a million Instagram followers.

Romain Grosjean – @grosjeanromain

Followers: 1.4m

The former Haas driver has a huge 1.4m Instagram followers. Since his fiery crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, Romain has kept his followers updated on his recovery. Romain has one of the best bios out of the Drive to Survive Instagrams, writing that he’s “fire resistant” and a “Phoenix”.

Kevin Magnussen – @kevinmagnussen

Followers: 517k

Kevin Magnussen has just over half a million followers. After a disappointing 2020 season, both Kevin and Romain were dropped from Haas. Kevin now drives for Chip Ganassi Racing.

Kimi Räikkönen – @kimimatiasraikkonen

Followers: 2.2m

Kimi Räikkönen is the oldest driver on the track at 41 years old. He has an impressive Instagram of 2.2m followers, where he posts pictures of his wife and kids and his work at Alfa Romeo.

Antonio Giovinazzi – @antogiovinazzi99

Followers: 540k

According to Antonio’s Instagram, in his spare time he likes cycling and playing golf. Like a true Italian, pasta pics are regular on his Insta too.

All Instagram follower figures correct at the time of publishing

Featured image credit: @lewishamilton, @georgerussell63, @alex_albon

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