Who narrates Bridgerton? The posh and scandalous voiceover narrating Netflix’s new show

They were paid £1.5m


Oh daaaarling, if you haven’t watched Bridgerton yet then where the bloody hell have you been? The scandalous new Gossip Girl meets Downton Abbey series dropped on Netflix on Christmas Day, and has everyone going into a frenzy about social seasons, classical versions of Ariana Grande and of course, the Bridgerton brothers. But who is the Bridgerton narrator, that recognisable posh and perfectly refined voice that you’ve definitely heard before?

 The Bridgerton narrator is none other than Julie Andrews. Known for playing Fräulein Maria in the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and of course, the Queen of Genovia in The Princess Diaries, who else could have played the role of a scandalously posh voiceover? 

Julie Andrews provides the voice of Lady Whistledown, the head gossip in Regency England, dishing the dirt on the high society.

Julia Quinn, who wrote the books the series is based on, said she “legitimately stopped breathing” when she found out Julie Andrews would play Lady Whistledown. 

According to the Daily Mail, Julie Andrews was paid a whopping £1.5m to be the Bridgerton narrator – which is pretty good going considering she never actually appears on screen. And to be honest, it was worth every penny to hear her say “bitches”. 

In an interview with Parade, Julie Andrews described her character as “a mysterious and rather sharp-tongued gossip writer of the day…a tartar, and a bit of a naughty woman.”

Bridgerton narrator

Bridgerton showrunner Chris Van Dusen told StarLifestyle: “To be honest, we never expected in a million years that we would end up with Julie Andrews as our narrator.

“She was at the top of our list. We offered her the part. We sent her the scripts, she ended up reading the scripts and loving the scripts. And she said yes.

“I’m just so happy and thrilled that she did, because working with her has just been amazing.”

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