These are all the filming locations used in Netflix’s Bridgerton

Some of the filming locations have also been used in The Crown

Bridgerton dropped on Netflix on Christmas Day and the lavish ballrooms, dressing rooms, and homes of the wealthy families of the ton has everybody wondering where on earth these beautiful Bridgerton filming locations took place. With a five million pound budget, you could expect no less from such an extravagant show like Bridgerton.

Filming took place up and down the country, from the streets of York to RAF bases in Buckinghamshire. The majority of filming takes place in stately homes in Salisbury, Gloucestershire, and York for scenes at the homes of the Bridgertons, Featheringtons, and Lady Danbury to name a few.

Some of the houses can also be seen in other shows and movies like The Crown, Emma, and The Young Victoria.

These are the main Bridgerton filming locations:

Bridgerton House

Bridgerton House is the location for most of the happenings with the Bridgerton family during the beginning of London’s social season in the show. It is home to Daphne and Anthony Bridgerton and their six other siblings, along with their mother, Lady Violet.

The exterior of the House is Ranger’s House in Greenwich, it was formerly home to aristocrats and royals, and today is home to art, which members of the public are allowed to visit.

The interior of the Bridgerton home was filmed at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire, it was used to create their grand hall, stairs, hallway, and smoking room.

Hasting House in London

The house is where the Duke of Hastings resided during his time back in London at the beginning of the social season.

The exterior of the lavish home was filmed at Wilton House in Salisbury and parts of the interior including the hallway and entrance hall were filmed at Wilton House. It is currently home to the 18th Earl of Pembroke and his family. Wilton House has also been used for films and TV shows, including Pride and Prejudice and The Crown.

Other interiors of the Hastings House were filmed at Syon House in London and Badminton House in Gloucestershire.

Wilton House

Clyvedon Castle

Clyvedon Castle becomes home to the Duke and Duchess of Hastings once they wed, and much to my dismay does not exist in real life.

The exterior of the castle was filmed at Castle Howard in York, and some of the interiors in Wilton House, Badminton House, and at North Mymms Park.

The village that both Simon and Daphne visited in the sixth episode was filmed in York, at Coneysthope Village.

Bridgerton filming locations

Castle Howard

Ballroom scenes

The eccentric balls that took place during the series are nothing short of amazing. There are too many to count, but one key location for many of the balls took place in Leigh Court in Bristol. This was a location for many of the ballrooms in the show, including the Crawford and Princes Ballroom.

Bath Guildhall was also used for the Rambury Ballroom.

Streets and parks of London

It is no surprise that most of the Bridgerton filming locations in the streets of London did not actually take place in London. It is actually the streets of Bath that make up most of the scenes set in Regency London.

Bath Street, Beauford, and Alfred Street in York were set up as the streets of Mayfair, and the scenes set in Pall Mall all took place on Trim Street. Abbey Street is also used for the exterior of the Modiste’s shop.

The Royal Crescent in Bath is also used for Grosvenor Square and is also used for the front doors of Featherington House.

The parks and gardens that are shown in Bridgerton, such as Hyde Park were created using the Wilton House grounds and Hampstead Heath was created using the grounds of Somerley House in Hampshire. Windsor Great Park is also used as a stand-in for Battersea Fields and Rotten Row.

Bridgerton filming locations

Featherington House

Featherington House was filmed at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire as well as Hatfield House.

Lady Danbury’s house

The Danbury House is home to the widow Lady Danbury, and the exterior of the house is the Holburne Museum of Art, found in Bath.

The interiors of her home include Badminton House for the hallway and bathroom and Wilton House for the grand hall and drawing-room.

Holburne Museum of Art

The Queen’s residence

Queen Charlotte, King George III’s wife, resides in St James’s Palace, which is located in London. The exterior of the palace is Hampton Court Palace in Richmond, in Greater London.

The interiors of the palace were filmed at Lancaster House, which is a mansion in the St James’s district in the West End of London.

Coaching Inn

The Coaching Inn, where Daphne and Simon consummate their marriage, was filmed at Dorney Court in Buckinghamshire. This Bridgerton filming locations is listed as an early Tudor manor house and is located in the village of Dorney.

Bridgerton filming locations

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