Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what your posh boy name would be



It’s easy to make any name sound posh. All you have to do is add a ‘-y’ or ‘-ers’ at the end of that person’s surname, and you have yourself a posh boy name.

Kingsy, Gooders, Scotty, Bradders, Mossy – it quickly starts to sound like the members of a dodgy private school group chat.

Most surnames can be altered to sound posh, but there are a select number of first names which are just inherently posh. You only have to peruse Tatler’s posh baby name list to understand what these are. Amongst the usual culprits, Sebastian and Francis, is Youngblood, Vere and Inigo. Okay then!

We’ve already given you the opportunity to find out what your posh girl name would be, and now you can find out what your posh boy name is – splendid! By taking this simple test and answering questions on signet rings, whether Eton or Harrow is your preferred choice of education, and how you’d react to Mummy shopping in Co-op, we’ll accurately be able to tell you what your rah name would be, should you have been born with a silver spoon in your gob.

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