Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what posh girl name you should have

Are you more of an Arabella or a Phoebe?

Posh girls always have the same kind of names. It’s the truth. Posh mums called Elizabeth shout “come on now Isabella, Arabella and Ella, hop in the car” outside of a Waitrose before driving them all off to their horse riding lessons in her Mercedes Benz. And then those little sprogs will grow up, fly the nest, and spend their time doing keys in the line to their uni club and getting off with boys called Henry.

But each posh girl name comes with its own distinctive vibe. Phoebes are a bit more edgy, Kates like to hunt game in the Easter hols, and Ellas have better abs than a male Love Island contestant. But which are you? Take this quiz to find out.