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People have realised the actor playing Bridgerton’s Eloise was also in Line of Duty

Oh so THAT’S where I recognised her from


Fans of Bridgerton have found out that the actor playing Eloise also appeared as a police officer in Line of Duty.

Actor Claudia Jessie played DC Jodie Taylor in series four of Line of Duty. She had a major part alongside Thandiwe Newton’s DCI Roz Huntley, the main target of AC-12’s investigation into bent coppers.

eloise line of duty

If you have religiously watched Line of Duty, DC Jodie Taylor will be coming back to you now as the prefect looking know-it-all who sucked up to DCI Roz Huntley for the entire series.

Unlike her portrayal of Eloise in Bridgerton which everyone adored, the consensus of Jodie was less favourable, with most people finding her character irritating due to her being such a swot.

In Line of Duty season four, DC Jodie Taylor would quite literally do anything for DCI Roz Huntley, despite her obviously being corrupt. Jodie would bend the rules, break protocol, spy on people, anything for her blessed boss, quickly making her one of the most disliked characters of the series.

Claudia Jessie only appeared in Line of Duty for the one series. Prior to her stint in LOD, Claudia Jessie had roles in Call the Midwife, Doctors and Casualty.

Her biggest part to date is of course Eloise Bridgerton, where she is one of the eight Bridgerton children.

She will return to her role as the best Bridgerton child for the second season, where she has said her character will “shake things up” in the Ton.

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