Which Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 couple is categorically the worst?

*cough* Billy and Susie *cough*

If one thing is for certain when watching Married at First Sight Australia, it’s that the experts don’t know shit. Only two of the MAFS Australia S6 couples stayed together after the show, the rest either broke up with fire and fury during the competition, or called it off at the final commitment ceremony. Although some of the pairings looked like they might work out at the start, a la Jessika and Mick and Heidi and Mike, by the end you couldn’t help but question the experts’ matchmaking skills. Some of the couples displayed incredibly toxic behaviour, some ended in cheating scandals, and some were just so sickly sweet (Cam and Jules) you loved them but also kinda despised their happiness too. But which of the MAFS Australia S6 couples was categorically the worst? Which pair did you watch and think ‘who thought this was a good idea’? Vote at the end for who you think deserves the crown, but first, let’s go through the contenders:

Lizzie and Sam

Oh boy, where to begin. I mean you knew it was bad when Sam fat-shamed Lizzie at the wedding, and then when Sam sacked off the honeymoon to go to his ex-girlfriend’s mum’s funeral, where he didn’t find one solitary minute in the days he is away to say “Hi Lizzie, I’m alive in case you’re worried.” Then there was all the gaslighting, like when Sam tried to dig himself out of his why-I-didn’t-speak-to-you-for-five-days hole by claiming he didn’t have voicemail, making Lizzie out to be some insane over-worried person at the dinner party.

MAFS Australia S6 couples

Lizzie’s face says it ALL

*Takes a breath*

THEN, it got a bit weird when they tried to make things work and Lizzie locked Sam away in their hotel room like Princess Fiona, which meant Sam started messaging Ines leading them to conduct their secret relationship, ending with Sam and Ines hooking up when Lizzie was away on medical grounds.

Look if these two aren’t in the top three then clearly you’ve been watching a different show.

Dan and Tamara

MAFS Australia S6 couples

The couple weren’t in the show long enough to call them the worst, but Dan’s a lil rat for cheating on Tamara like that.

Jules and Cameron

Okay put your pitchfork down and extinguish that flame, Cameron and Jules are only in here because their relationship is perfect and I’m bitter and jealous. Hats off to the matchmakers, they got this one spot on. But Jules and Cam had it all, didn’t they? No fights, declarations of love early on, Jules’ new found love of cricket – urgh, get a ROOM.

MAFS Australia S6 couples


Whilst world war three was erupting in the commitment ceremonies, Cam was jumping up and down on the sofa and Jules was all gooey eyed. Sickening behaviour, but god love it.

Heidi and Mike

Okay so there was plenty of coupley pics of Mike and Heidi to chose from but this one felt most fitting. Was it gross seeing Mike and Heidi act like horny teenagers for the whole series (when they weren’t screaming at each other) or was it cute and fun? Look, I’m on the fence. I hated it.

MAFS Australia S6 couples


But sex-fest aside, what else was up with Mike and Heidi’s relationship? Well Mike gaslighted Heidi on the reg, and the way he shouted at Jessika around the whole Dan and Mick drama was not okay. Mike and Heidi looked like they might be in the money at their beach wedding, but by the end it felt nothing more than a summer fling.

Dino and Mel

Honestly whoever matched Dino and Mel deserves to be arrested. Sure, they say opposites attract, but do they actually? Dino and Mel were so unlike one another – Mel’s hyperactive nature didn’t counteract Dino’s soothing personality to create some harmonious equilibrium. It was just awkward – especially that kiss in the mud bath on their honeymoon.

MAFS Australia S6 couples


Obviously it all went down the pan when Dino displayed some seriously shady behaviour and secretly recorded Mel slagging him off to her sister. This isn’t a Cold War spy thriller Dino, it’s Married at First Sight babe.

Ning and Mark

Ning and Mark were exhausting to watch. It was one constant moan. A sigh. A look into the distance. It was vapid. Plus, I’d rather sit in a 200 degrees water bath than rewatch their wedding.

MAFS Australia S6 couples

How Ning’s face looked for most of the series every time Mark opened his mouth

It got cute when they retook their wedding pics because the originals were so depressing, but unfortunately that was the only highlight of their relationship.

Lauren and Matthew

When Lauren and Matthew gazed sweetly into one another’s eyes at their wedding, it looked like love at first sight. Matt opened up to Lauren about his virginity at the wedding, Lauren was respectful of it, and they ended up having sex on their honeymoon. It all seemed to be peachy.

MAFS Australia S6 couples

This is a relationship built on lies!!

That was until Lauren opened up about her past and how she was open to threesomes and swinging – which is absolutely fine, but maybe a bit too much for someone who’s only just come face-to-face with a real life vagina for the first time. Then out of the blue, Matthew decides he suddenly doesn’t fancy Lauren anymore (a weak excuse, it was obviously the threesomes that put him off), and instead of telling her in private he announces it at the dinner party. And the worst thing is, Matthew doesn’t even have the excuse of woopsies I got really pissed and loose tongued what am I like, because the man doesn’t drink!! He was sober! And that my friends, is the real crime.

Martha and Michael

MAFS Australia S6 couples

Perfection x

Sorry but there’s nothing wrong with Martha and Michael at all and I won’t listen to anyone who says there is. I’m blocking my ears right now. I CAN’T HEAR YOU.

Mick and Jessika

Welcome everybody to one of the cheating scandals! Jessika and Mick, although nothing like each other, seemed to be bonding slowly and forming something special. That was until Mick told the boys him and Jess had sex, Jessika getting upset with Mick for staying silent in her barmy with Mike, and then the introduction of Mr Dan Webb. Oh and I don’t think Mick’s handlebar tash helped the situation.

MAFS Australia S6 couples

Poor Mick, he didn’t have a clue what was going on underneath that dinner table when Jess began her descent on young Daniel, and was forced to stay in the competition for weeks whilst the secret love affair was going on right under his nose.

Cyrell and Nic

I’ve never seen the film Groundhog Day but I gather its synopsis is basically the same event keeps happening over and over again. And that’s what it felt like watching Cyrell and Nic’s relationship play out. Cyrell would lash out at something, Nic would look all doe eyed to the camera, shake his head and go “I just don’t know what to do anymore”. Cyrell would apologise and probably unpack all her bags again she left down in the lobby, they’d kiss, and then the cycle would restart.

And it’s difficult, because Cyrell showed a lot of growth in MAFS and Nic seems like a good guy – they just couldn’t find the right balance. Especially after Ivan told Nic to fuck off. Classic.

Susie and Billy

Sorry but Susie was the villain of Married at First Sight Australia Season 6. It looked like Ines was wearing the crown, but along came Susie and Ines was forced to abdicate. If anyone is looking for examples of toxic behaviour in a relationship then look no further than Susie and Billy’s relationship as it is a masterclass in how not to be a couple.

This scene will live rent free in my brain forever

It’s hard to even pinpoint the worst bit of this relationship. Was it Susie saying Billy wasn’t “man enough” and belittling him on the reg, or the fact she kept calling him “darling” in the most patronising tone? Was it Billy looking on the brink of a breakdown every time he spoke to camera, or that commitment ceremony where, I don’t know about you, but my jaw was on the floor from how uncomfortable it was to watch. It was bad vibes all round.

Ines and Bronson

And here we are, the final couple. Saving the best (worst) until last? You betcha. Like many of their fellow MAFS Australia S6 couples, Ines and Bronson were a terrible match. First Ines slags off Bronson’s eyebrow piercing as her first utterance to him (tbf it isn’t the best look), and then sulked for the majority of the wedding. They had the world’s biggest barmy on their honeymoon, followed by a second explosive argument at the commitment ceremony where Ines requested swapping husbands with one of the girls.

Then of course, the main event: Sam and Ines’ secret relationship. Poor Bronson genuinely thought Ines was staying to give things a go with him, when actually she was going on dates and texting Sam. Ines Basic should be added to the dictionary under the word savage because she did not give one single fuck.

So here we go, which of the MAFS Australia S6 couples is categorically the worst?:

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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