Vote now for the biggest Married at First Sight Australia villain of them all

I know exactly who you’re thinking of right now and I can’t blame you

There are some shocking acts of betrayal in Married at First Sight Australia. Affairs, public bitching, recorded phone calls – it’s got the lot. And these acts don’t just happen on their own.

Every reality TV show needs its villains to give us our fair share of drama. How much comes from the producers and how much from the contestants’ own personalities, it’s hard to say and even harder to judge.

But judge we do, sat there eating crisps and wearing trackies. One contestant must be the biggest villain of them all, and you must decide. Let’s run through the contenders.


Honestly, how can you not feel bad for Bronson after the whole cheating scandal?


Again, the Ines affair was baaaad. But who played the bigger part?


Just not ideal recording your wife’s conversations, is it Dino?


Hooking up with Dan? Iconic, maybe. Villainous, yes.


While his alleged IRL antics aren’t up to much, you’ll have to judge whether getting with Jess was more entertaining than it was evil.


Although he redeemed himself quite well, the “I’m not your therapist” comment will go down in honeymoon-ruining infamy.


Please, please stop screaming at Billy over nothing. It’s just so rude. Toxic.


Sorry Matt, but you just can’t be using a dinner party as the forum to announce you’re not attracted to your fake wife, especially after losing your long-held virginity to her.


Okay hear me out. As a unit, the loved-up perfection of Cam and Jules (they’re essentially Harry and Meghan but the wrong one is ginger) surely just throws everyone off balance. You’re struggling with your fake husband and there these two are, reminding you of everything you don’t have. As the series goes on, Jules becomes more and more righteous. You can’t really hate her, but you can’t help thinking it’d be polite to just leave the experiment and go live happily ever after.


Possibly a harsh inclusion, but she does get very close to people when she talks to them.

Vote now for the biggest Married at First Sight Australia villain:

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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