Married at First Sight Australia siblings: Meet the brothers and sisters of Season 6

Of course Jessika’s brother has Only Fans

Some of the MAFS Australia siblings could be awarded an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor/Actress category. Cyrell’s brother Ivan has it in for Nic from the get-go, eventually booting him out the house on their homestay, and Jessika’s brother absolutely hates Mick – you can just tell. But what else do we know about the brothers and sisters of the Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 cast? Well Martha’s got a sister who looks just as vibes as her, Tamara’s a twin, and Dan’s got a semi-famous brother.

Here’s the MAFS Australia siblings you need to know about:

Nickolaos and Sophie, Martha’s brother and sister 

Martha’s got a brother and sister and oh my god her and sister Sophie look just the same.

I don’t know if it’s the short bob cut which Martha once had, or her whole Insta vibes aesthetic, but you just know these two are related from one look at them.

Martha has a younger brother too called Nick. From the amount of golfing videos on his Insta, I’m presuming he’s at least semi-pro.

Rhyce, Jessika’s brother 

Rhyce looked like he was gonna deck Mick when they first met. He definitely gave off protective older brother vibes.

Jessika and 27-year-old Rhyce look super close, both often posting about one another on their Instagrams.

Rhyce works in fitness and seems to always be in Bali. He promotes protein powders on his Insta bio.

He is also on Only Fans! Rhyce describes himself as a ‘part time stripper and entertainer’, and ensures fans they ‘won’t be disappointed’ with his vid content. Should you want to subscribe, it’ll set you back a mere $12.99 a month.

rhyce power only fans


Dino has two older sisters. He describes his sister Rekha as a “real life Wonder Woman”.

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Dani, Mike’s sister

Mike definitely has at least one big sister called Dani. She lives in Sydney, which is a fair distance from where Mike lives on the Gold Coast. Her Insta is private, but from this pic she looks like she might work in some kind of services.

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Mike regularly posts family-looking pics to his Insta surrounded by younger family members, so there might be more MAFS Australia siblings hiding.

Iven and Karen, Cyrell’s brother and sister

Cyrell and her siblings seem really close – Karen, also known as Kaz, regularly appears on Cyrell’s Insta in spon-con posts, and they were even pregnant at the same time.

Of course we know Cyrell’s brother Ivan pretty well from his 15 minutes of fame in Married at First Sight Australia when he told Nic to fuck off and get out of his house. Classic.

Leisa and Nathan, Mick’s sister and brother

MAFS Australia siblings Leisa and Nathan both came to Mick’s wedding and appeared on the show.

Nathan’s Insta is private so we can’t have a snoop around – other than his bio says “gym, sport, dad”, which is probably the most basic male Insta bio you can have – but from Leisa’s Insta it’s clear she’s really family orientated, posting pics of her kids and the extended family – including regular shots of Mick – on her feed.


From what we can see on Insta, Michael has a brother and sister. Both aren’t tagged in any Insta posts, so obviously want to keep out of the spotlight. Michael regularly posts pics of him and his nephews and nieces.

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Rebecca, Mel’s sister

Mel’s got a younger sister called Rebecca. Like Michael’s siblings, Rebecca doesn’t appear much on Mel’s feed post-MAFS Australia.

Lynne, Mark’s sister

Mark’s sister is called Lynne. She is the deputy news editor at 7 News in Melbourne, and has a very cute Cava-Poodle called Jerry.

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Both Lynne and Mark live in Melbourne. In her Instagram post, Lynne said: “Still smiling on day 1 of 42 in lockdown cause I can still see my brother every day while social distancing and ordering takeaway coffee at his cafe 😘” After MAFS, instead of becoming an influencer, Mark opened his own cafe.

Dale, Tamara’s brother 

Tamara has a twin brother called Dale. The pair don’t look identical, but pretty similar.

The pair seem close, with Tamara posting: “You are the best brother and best friend a girl could ask for I love doing life with you.”

Sam, Katie, Lilis and Cassandra, Dan’s brother and sisters

The Webb family are one of the biggest out of all the MAFS Australia sibling clans. Dan has a brother called Sam, and three sisters called Kate, Lilis and Cassandra. One of Dan’s sisters was present to grill Tamara Joy with Dan’s mum during one of the homestays, all together not getting good vibes from the couple.

Dan’s sisters’ Instagrams are all private, but Sam’s is available for a snoop.

Sam has his own following and is verified on Insta with 37k followers. He hosts a podcast, and posts loads of inspirational messages to his feed. He also runs a business called Livin, which aims to break down the stigma around mental health.

Belinda, Lauren’s sister

Lauren has one sis called Belinda. Lauren and Belinda are close, with Lauren writing: “Shout out to my sister and best friend in the whole wide world. She has been there by my side through everything in life. Sure we’ve had our moments of wanting to kill each other but we would also do anything for each other.”


Both Bronson and his sister are business-minded, as Bronson’s sister runs her own hotel.

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Ash, Matt’s sister

Matt’s sister Ash was shocked when she found out Matt was going on Married at First Sight Australia. Who can forget that awkward scene at the table when he told them the news. Priceless.

Matt describes Ash as his “original partner in crime” (guessing his new girlfriend has taken the current partner in crime spot). Matt’s sister is a teacher.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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