Quiz: Are you more Eloise or Pen from Bridgerton?

But can I be both?

Bridgerton was released 48 days ago, and yet somehow it is still all anyone can talk about. Netflix series usually have a three week shelf life before being forgotten about, or until a new series comes around. But somehow, Bridgerton has managed to remain relevant. I’m not personally talking about it anymore, I know what their partners look like IRL, I know the Duke is hot (and these Duke memes prove it), and I’ve already taken 100 quizzes about the show like which Bridgerton guy would be your husband and which Bridgerton girl are you. But wait, there’s one final Bridgerton quiz we haven’t done yet, and it’s an important one: Are you more Eloise or Pen from Bridgerton?

Eloise and Pen are BFFs, and although they share many similarities, both have different ambitions for the future. Pen wants to have the husband and kids, whereas Eloise wants to go to uni and be able to do all the things men can. Both are icons in the series, but deep down which one are you? Come on, let’s do one final Bridgerton quiz together and find out if you’re more Eloise or Pen:


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