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Take this quiz to find out which guy in Bridgerton would be your husband

I will only be referred to as the Duchess of Hastings from now onwards

There’s no denying, one of the main parts of Bridgerton on Netflix is the beautifully eligible men. When we’re not gawping over the Duke of Hastings, the rest of them aren’t all that bad either. Ok there are a few creepy exceptions, but if you asked me which of the Bridgerton men I’d like to be my husband I’d be happy with a lot of them – but this quiz will give you a definitive answer.

Are you destined to be a Duchess, Princess or Viscountess? Only some of us will be blessed with the Duke of Hastings in our lives, but maybe you want more for a husband-come-best-friend like Benedict Bridgerton? Or an adventurous bad boy like Anthony Bridgerton? Perhaps you just want a nice guy to constantly tell you you’re pretty and look after you like Prince Frederich? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re not fussed about what your husband is actually like, so long as you can give him an heir and then take all his money? If so, honey you need a Lord Rutledge in your life.

But you can only have one of the men in Bridgerton take your hand in marriage, so it’s time to find out who that will be once and for all. Sorry in advance if you get Lord Berbrook.

Find out which guy from Bridgerton would be your husband in the quiz below:

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