Instagram is bringing out its own version of TikTok called ‘Reels’

First they take Snapchat Story, now THIS

Instagram has announced it is releasing a rival service to TikTok, called ‘Reels’.

Just like TikTok, users will be able to create and share 15-second videos set to music. The music can either be remixed or borrowed from other people’s videos, or can be found in the music catalogue available. Reels will also have editing tools similar to those currently found on TikTok. Basically, it’s just like Tiktok, but it’s on Instagram. Got it?

If your video absolutely slaps, it could appear in Instagram’s new ‘Featured Reels’ section, where the algorithm will pick up the most popular videos.

Instagram aims to roll out Reels in the US in August, shortly followed by 50 other countries including the UK.

Reels won’t be a seperate app, but accessed via a new icon in the existing Instagram app.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has pinched ideas from other tech companies and made them their own. Who can forget the uproar when Instagram announced Instagram Stories, making all Snapchat Story stans go into meltdown?

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We’re excited to bring Reels to more countries, including the US, in early August.

“The community in our test countries has shown so much creativity in short-form video, and we’ve heard from creators and people around the world that they’re eager to get started as well.”

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