Inside the swanky Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 homes

Tamara Joy looks like she’s living inside an Instagram filter

We get a sneak peek into the MAFS Australia homes when the couples go on their home-stays. Living the single life, most of them lived in bachelor/bachelorette pads. But since Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 finished a couple of years ago, the cast have had time to get sponsorship deals in, making some serious cash via Instagram and other influencer ventures. Naturally, the MAFS Australia homes have levelled up.

Jules and Cam have reportedly spent over $1m on a new home in the Northern Beaches near Sydney, and Tamara Joy has moved from Melbourne to Queensland where she looks like she’s on set for a Barbie movie.

Let’s take a look around MAFS Australia homes:

Martha and Michael

Martha and Michael live in Bondi together. Their house is quite minimalist in parts – with lots of big mirrors and block colours.

They’re big into their art, and of course have plenty of house plants.

This is IMO the best room – the chairs have a Kardashian feel to them, and I swear every major home account on Insta rn features that rug.

Also their flat/house looks like it might be bright pink?? Which isn’t too surprising as Bondi Beach is known for its edgy feel.

Jules and Cam

Jules and Cam moved out of their old house and into a new gaff by the Northern Beaches, which is apparently a boujie area of Sydney.

There’s a few live laugh love esque prints knocking around. The colour scheme is quite neutral and earthy, except for the odd bit of bright wallpaper.

Their garden looks like the best part of the house.

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Cam and Jules have loads of outside space, and even a pool. Cam’s vid below gives a glimpse of what the house looks like from the outside.

They also have this huge decking area with mega views. If this house was listed on Airbnb you know it would be spenny per night.

Looks like Jules has built herself a walk in wardrobe too – the dream!

This space is before you go out to the decking. The walls in here carry on that earthy theme with the palm print wallpaper and dishevelled cabinet.


Lizzie’s home looks super neutral with not many bright colours. Her bed is giving some minor influencer vibes with the grey velvet plush blanket.

Other parts of her house are giving off an H&M Home aesthetic – faux fur pillows, big white throws, textured cushions – it’s a vibe.

She’s also got some outside space, and regularly takes pics on this balcony.

I presume this is her house and not some restaurant somewhere, thanks to the green clothes hanger in the distance.


Ines’ home is giving off big hotel vibes – it’s very sterile and bright white.

Her room continues the neutral theme, with cream walls and a grey headboard. That bedding looks nice.

Downstairs looks very basic and almost Kim K-esque, but like an Ikea version (I think Ines thinks she’s Kim in this pic). There’s barely any furniture, just lots of floor to ceiling mirrors.

Bizarrely, Ines owns a lot of clear plastic chairs which kind of look like an art installation…but I don’t think that’s their intended use.


Mel spends so much time at events living her best life that there’s barely any pics of her house on Instagram.

We can however find out that her bedroom is relatively basic, opting for a grey headboard (does anyone like colour in MAFS Aus or nah??) with a splash of colour via her pink shaggy cushions and bed throw.

A lot of Mel’s pics are taken on this style floorboard, so this room likely leads out to the balcony.

Look at Mel’s Insta and she has gone full-time influencer mode, so it’s no surprise to find a crushed dark grey scalloped chair in her living room. And the faux fur rug – classic.


There’s no pics of Nic showing off the inside of his house, but there’s plenty of pics of him chilling out back in his pool.

Nic’s got a huge outside space – his pool is clearly big enough for multiple inflatables, and the decking looks really smart.

Is that some potted plants I see in the background?


There’s not too many pics inside MAFS Australia Jessika’s home, but she uploaded this pic to her Insta which looks like a beaut living space. White walls, house plants, mirror selfies – I can see the hundreds of Insta likes now.

There’s a few glimpses of her bedroom, where Jessika takes most of her spon-con shots.

Shock – it’s the same grey headboard as the other girls!


Ning has a really cute outside set up. Here she’s decorated the decking area with loads of fairy lights and furnishings.

I wonder what colour Ning’s headboard is? Oh look – it’s grey too!

It also looks like Ning has a pool in her backyard.

In this pic she captioned it #myoffice.


Okay so MAFS Australia Billy’s home won’t make the covers of Architectural Digest any time soon – but it looks quite…homely?

Sure there’s some random art and the couch looks a bit old – but maybe it’s really comfy?????

Billy’s room is so young-guy-in-his-20s it hurts: dark furnishings, Xbox controller, horrible stock image poster, bright lighting. All it’s missing is a football poster.


Okay I think Tamara might be living in the coolest flat out of all the MAFS Australia homes. It looks like something out of an old Hollywood movie set.

The outside area is a shared pool, with baby pink and blue parasols. Cute!!

Tamara says she moved from Melbourne to Queensland – her new location is Mermaid Bay.

She’s got this vibes neon pink sign in her living room with her own name and some lips.

And her room looks stylish – with off white tiles and this rattan headboard which looks very and a pleasant change from the grey headboard crew.

Her flat also has these really cool stairs – we said Billy wouldn’t make it into AD but Tamara probably could.


There’s not too many pics of Cyrell’s home, which she shares with Eden from Love Island – but I thought I’d include this pic below because of the rogue owl picture which would probably be my sleep paralysis.

Cyrell’s home looks nice and simple with nothing too fancy.


Dino moved to Hong Kong and it looks like he’s living in a sky-rise with his dogs.

His flat looks quite cool, with a projector screen and plenty of room for his pups to run around.

Featured image credit: @marthaa__k

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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