Are Tayce and A’Whora from Drag Race UK dating? An investigation

Something’s going on and I need to know what


It isn’t uncommon for the Drag Race queens to form relationships in the werk room. We’ve had Miss Vanjie and Brooke Lynn Hytes in season 11, and Gigi Goode and Crystal Method in season 12. And there’s one question on everyone’s lips this year: are Tayce and A’Whora from Drag Race UK season two our next Drag Race couple?

There’s been some heavy hinting from Tayce and A’Whora that at least something has gone down in the past – we just don’t know what. Plus they’re the talk of the town in the werk room, with Lawrence Chaney spilling the beans to RuPaul in episode three that there was a sexual tension between the two queens. I mean it’s not surprising, that is one hot couple right there.

So, are Tayce and A’Whora dating? Here’s everything we know:

Okay let’s go back to episode two, where the queens had to vote for which queen they thought deserved to be in the Drag Race Cabinet, with positions such as Secretary of Shade and Baroness Basic to be filled. Tayce won Trade Minister – the fittest queen in the competition. A’Whora tells the viewers she voted for Tayce, saying: “Trade Minister? Tayce. That’s why I already had it.” Now we can decipher this any way we like and give it 1,000 different meanings, but if I were a betting woman I would say that is suggesting the queens have definitely had some kind of interaction in the past.

Tayce and A’Whora both admit to each other they voted one another for Trade Minister. A’Whora said: “Well, you know, we vote for what we’re used to” and Tayce fires back with “Don’t bring the past into this”. Tayce later tells the viewers her and A’Whora know each other “well”.

What is “the past” Tayce?? What is “well”??

In episode three, a lot of the queens listen in when RuPaul asks Ellie Diamond and Lawrence Chaney about the other queens’ partnerships for the challenge, and Lawrence is quick to tell Ru there’s “sexual tension” between A’Whora and Tayce. Both queen brush it off saying there isn’t any.

Scroll through A’Whora and Tayce’s Instagrams and there’s no evidence of a current relationship. However, it looks like the queens live together in London. They posted this festive snap – which should have you gagging –  in December:

And another of them recreating The Suite Life in September:

So in conclusion – who knows if Tayce and A’Whora are together. Maybe we’ll find out as the episodes go on, or at the reunion show. Either way – I’m here for it.

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