Drag Race UK has committed another robbery and these 20 furious tweets prove it

The competition this year is through the roof

Thursday nights throughout lockdown are kind of the only thing many of us have to look forward to after a week of lectures on Microsoft Teams.

With week three showing us that literally no one is safe, we scoured #DragRaceUK Twitter and it seems that following this robbery, nobody is happy.

Whilst everyone still seems to be in agreement (but arguing?) that Drag Race UK is better, these memes will undoubtedly make you feel better following last night’s shocking sashay.

1. It’s Thursday night girlies

2. The only hour where you’ll not be aimlessly scrolling for impulse purchases

3. Impulsive purchases to make up for our impulsive mens

4. Just be careful huns x

5. I cannot have any interruptions for this hour

6. First up, the mini challenge:

7. Remember when Couch to 5K was a thing and we all got *sexy*

8. We’re all just doing our best these days and that is okay

9. We stan this integration of culture

10. But we stan nothing more than two legends living their truths

11. We love you Ginny and Bimini

12. Oh for God’s sake

13. Here we go again


15. I thought I recognised Tia

16. Oh no, it was here

17. I mean fair play she stood her ground

18. Cba with forgetting what the show is all about

19. Truly shook tbh

20. But one more time, exactly what Aoife said

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