All the Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 gossip that went down after the show

Martha said she’d rather have root canal than speak to Jess or Ines again

A lot has happened since Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 ended: there’s been babies, new partners, the contestants moving into lavish homes and earning serious bank on Instagram. But one thing that has not changed since filming stopped is all the drama between the MAFS Australia Season 6 cast members. Mainly thanks to Jessika, the Married at First Sight Australia gossip machine continues to turn. Here’s all the drama you might have missed after the reunion show:

Jessika’s got a theory that Cameron and Jules knew each other before filming

Not afraid of stirring the pot years after filming has stopped, Jessika claimed MAFS Australia Season 6 success story Cameron and Jules knew each other before the show.

“There’s no way you’re going to meet a complete stranger, do everything that we did, and completely love that person, every aspect”, Jessika told Metro. “They never had one fight, they never had one disagreement, they never had anything. My conspiracy theory is that they were together before the show.”

Cam and Jules confirmed they hadn’t met before their wedding, with Jules telling This Morning’s Holly and Phil: “Well give me an Oscar, if that’s the case. We’d have to be a very good actress and actor.”

Cameron and Jules’ rep, just in case anyone still believed Jessika’s theory, further refuted the rumour, adding: “I can confirm that Cam and Jules had never met before and all contestants genuinely took part in the experiment as strangers.”

Apparently Michael is going to propose to Martha soon  👀

During an Instagram Q&A, Michael was asked “when are you going to put a ring on that angel 💍”, and Michael replied with a “🤐”.

Michael and Martha are one of the two Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 couples to stay together after the show.

Lauren claims producers forced her to say she was a lesbian

Lauren told an Australian radio show she felt “manipulated” by the MAFS producers into defining herself as a lesbian and someone obsessed with sex.

Lauren said: “With the lesbian thing. Initially my answer was ‘At 18-20 I had a bad experience with a guy and I just hated men as a result. So, I only dated women’. That’s what I said, that was it. My producer was like ‘That’s fantastic, great, however we are going to get you to reenact that, say it again and use the word lesbian’.

“I was like, ‘I am not OK with that. I don’t want to use that word, I don’t label myself as a lesbian. It didn’t feel right'”.

“I felt disgusted (when I first saw the edited version) and I was so upset. Then I received so much hate,” she added. “For them to paint me as this nympho, it was disgusting. I feel so let down.”

Martha said she’d rather have root canal than speak to Jess or Ines again

Martha, Jessika and Ines were a little clique during MAFS, taking on the role of being the gossips. But their friendship didn’t last after filming, and now they don’t speak to one another after a fall out at an awards ceremony.

In a YouTube video, Martha explained she bumped into Jessika and Ines at the ceremony but the girls ignored her after she repeatedly said hello.

Married at First Sight Australia gossip

“We were walking back to go to the after-party and we bumped into Jess and Ines,” Martha said. “I was completely taken aback ‘coz I went up to say hi, thinking we’re on good terms. We have been speaking on Instagram and we’ve been messaging so I thought everything was sweet.

“So I walked up to them, they ignored me, then I was looking at Jess going ‘Hello?’ and she goes ‘Oh hi!’ Then Ines did pretend to vomit on me. I don’t know why – it’s so childish.”

Martha said she no longer speaks to the girls because they’re not her “type” of people.

Jessika responded by calling Martha ‘fake’ and claimed she’d cheated on Michael

In response to the YouTube vid, Jessika said on  her Insta: “You’re as fake as it comes. Constantly talking down about people even your fans! I’m over it and I’m sure everyone else is.

“I would love to have kept this private but enough is enough, we’ve held on for so long and she was supposed to be our friend! But she continues to bring us up in interviews and on her YouTube and Instagram.”

Both and Ines and Jessika also claimed Martha had cheated on Michael, which Martha has denied.

Jessika thought something was going on between Susie and Mick

Ah, another rumour that has been started by Jessika, there is a theme emerging here! Jessika claimed Mick and Susie had been texting, and that at one point Susie had visited their room. Jess confronted Susie about it at the dinner party, but says it didn’t air because there was “no storyline to it”.

Married at First Sight Australia gossip

“Mick told me that he had been texting Susie and that Susie had come and seen him when he was in his room to see if he was okay”, Jessika told Metro. “I brought it up with Susie at the dinner table, even though like I had no leg to stand on.”

Nic’s sex tape leaked, and Cyrell claimed Nic leaked it himself

A sex tape of Nic and another woman leaked and Cyrell claimed Nic had leaked the video himself. At one point in the video, Nic is heard saying “it’s tough being married”, which he claims is in reference to the woman in the  video who was going through a divorce.

Nic told Australia’s The Hit Network: “I just want to make it clear that it was from a few years ago.

“There was a comment made in it, but it was referring to the other party in it who was going though a divorce.

“It was a really, really unfortunate thing to say. I made a comment about how it was tough being married.

“It’s not a joking thing and the other party involved was quite upset about it. I’m quite upset about it.

“We don’t know how it got out.”

However Cyrell says Nic leaked it himself, claiming he asked her which of his mates had revealed it.

“He kept on sitting there begging me ‘Come on, Cyrell, I know you know which friend it is from. I just want to know so I can cut them from my life’”, Cyrell told an Australian radio show.  “I tuned around and I said, ‘The mere fact that you can’t figure out which friend it was…’ How many did he send it to?!”

Matthew blocked Lauren’s number after the reunion show

Amongst revealing he had a bladder infection during his honeymoon because he was allegedly only allowed to use the loo twice during filming for his wedding, Matthew told viewers watching his YouTube channel that he blocked Lauren’s number after the reunion show.

Married at First Sight Australia gossip

“It was so much better, because I was now no longer afraid to check my phone”, Matthew said, after describing how Lauren sent “a lot of text messages” after their split.

Lizzie appears in Married at First Sight Australia Season 7!

Lizzie had a terrible time on MAFS, and her relationship with Sam (and the love triangle with Ines) wasn’t short of wild moments. Not only did her husband cheat on her, but she didn’t even get to have a honeymoon! Luckily for Liz, she makes a comeback in the seventh season of MAFS. She’s a lot more lucky in love, but sadly it has not lasted as Lizzie and BF Seb broke up this year.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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