Which Love Island girl would you couple up with? Take this quiz to find out

We can’t all couple up with queen Shaughna

It’s a normal evening in the Love Island villa. The boys are chatting by the fire pit, Shaughna’s on her third cup of tea for the night, and Fin is telling Paige once again how much he likes her eyes. Then suddenly, you hear the stomps of Laura Whitmore’s power walk come crashing through the villa. Somebody gets a text. Next thing you know, you’re all round the fire pit. But quick – which Love Island girl are you going to couple up with?

Luckily this Love Island quiz will help you decide. Do you think you’re more of a Shaughna person, compatible with the kind of girl who takes no shit and is not afraid to speak her mind? Or are you more vibing with Paige, with a penchant for fiery Scots?

Or do you like Siânnise with her lil rave shades and pure innocence, someone who will be a terrible first date but turn out to be a laugh and a national treasure.

We’ve already helped you out by telling you which Love Island boy you would couple up with, as well as which Love Island boy and Love Island girl is most like you, but it’s finally time to find out which Love Island girl you would couple up with.

Take this quiz to see who you are most compatible with. Sorry, but we can’t all be with our queen Shaughna:

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