Quiz: Which Modern Family character are you really?

It’s Phil or nothing tbh

IMHO, Netflix has done a good job of keeping the world entertained during this time. They gave us Tiger King at the start, have been rolling out sports documentaries at rapid speed, and just for a special treat they’ve even announced the first two series of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s are going to drop in June. Blessings.

But it was the announcement that Modern Family was dropping on Netflix that really just made me fall to my knees, kiss the floor, kiss the TV and then shout “THANK YOU GOD”. If anything is going to heave the population through the next unknown weeks of lockdown, it’s seven seasons of Phil Dunphy trying and failing to be a cool dad, and seeing Sofia Vergara on screen.

And let’s be real – everyone’s got a favourite in Modern Family, alongside someone they really would hate to be associated with. I’ll put it out there – I don’t want to be Luke or Claire. Sure they’re funny at times, but they’re no Phil. Cam or Lily however? Tell me I’m like them right now and I’ll have it etched on my gravestone.

Take this Modern Family quiz to find out which character from Modern Family character truly are:

The first seven series of Modern Family are available to watch on Netflix UK now. 

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