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You can only call yourself a real Netflix addict if you get 10/13 on this quiz

Challenge accepted

You know what’s great? Netflix. It’s the answer to everything. Had a bad day? Netflix. Need to relax? Netflix. Got some friends over? Netflix. There’s a show for every occasion and most of us are by no means ashamed to say we are addicts. But are you truly? Do you actually have the hard core knowledge to prove you are a die-hard fan? This Netflix quiz will tell you.

Do you know your Riverdale from your Pretty Little Liars? Your You from your The Stranger? Do you eat, sleep and breathe Netflix and chill? Do you watch every true crime series from start to finish in a day or ditch them after episode two? How many times have you watched each episode of Black Mirror? If you’re a TRUE Netflix addict, this quiz should be a walk in the park.

Only a true addict will ace this Netflix quiz:


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