Quiz: On a scale of one to Joe Goldberg, how much of a creep are you?

This is going to expose you

Joe Goldberg is the guy we all hate to love. He’s a creepy, stalking, psychopath serial killer yet somehow most of us seem to really back him and and want the best for him. He can find out everything about you with just a name, he’ll become obsessed with and probably lock you in his glass box for a bit. Does this sound like something you’d do? Surely not? Well this Joe Goldberg quiz is about to tell you how similar to him you really are.

Are you the quiet one in the friendship group? Do you long to live a quiet life in the countryside where nobody can find you? Are you the first person everyone goes to when they want the goss about someone?

Take this Joe Goldberg quiz to find out how similar to him you really are:

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