Right, here’s exactly who and how many people Joe Goldberg has ever killed in YOU

How many more ‘fresh starts’ does one man get?


He’s back. After a very long break (murdering can be tiring, clearly), everyone’s favourite toxic Netflix character, Joe Goldberg, is returning to his old ways in new episodes of YOU. At this point, his main personality trait is that he murders people. So you might have lost count of just how many people Joe Goldberg has killed during the three seasons of YOU so far because, spoiler, it’s been a lot.

It really is a wonder Joe isn’t in a prison cell right now. He’s killed all of his victims in such gruesome ways, psychopath would probably be a compliment to what he actually is. Here’s a recap of just how many people Joe Goldberg has killed, and exactly who they are and how they met their demise. God, Joe is sick and twisted, isn’t he?

A recap of who and how many people Joe Goldberg has killed so far in YOU on Netflix

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How many people were killed by Joe Goldberg in season one?

Season one kill count: Five

Joe’s first onscreen murder was Benji, the ex-boyfriend of Beck – Joe’s season one love interest. Joe lured Benji into the bookstore, before hitting him over the head and locking him in his famous glass box. Joe then killed him and burned his body in the woods. Remember Joe kept Benji’s teeth? That was weird.

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That was truly just the beginning, as up next on his hit list was Beck’s best friend, Peach. Joe followed Peach on a jog through Central Park, wearing his trusty cap as disguise, before hitting her over the head with a rock. But Peach finally met her demise at her family home, where Joe shot her and then faked a suicide note.

Technically, first in Joe’s kill count was Elijah. Remember him? No? He’s Candice’s ex who she cheated on Joe with. Whilst we don’t see this murder in real time, we learn about it in season one during flashback scenes. Joe pushed him off a building, casually.

The next death at the hands of Joe Goldberg hit hard. Joe murdered Ron, the abusive stepdad of his child neighbour, Paco. Reflecting on his own troubled childhood, Joe felt the need to protect Paco and stabbed Ron in his defence.

A recap of who and how many people Joe Goldberg has killed so far in YOU on Netflix

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Joe’s final murder in season one was the pinnacle of the season. It of course was his girlfriend Beck, who went from the subject of his twisted obsessions to the victim of his awful crimes. She found herself locked in Joe’s glass box and at one point it looked like she might overpower him, but it didn’t last long. Joe killed her and then pinned the murder on Beck’s therapist. Savage.

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Then how many people did Joe Goldberg kill in season two of YOU?

Season two kill count: Three

Wait, was season two Joe tame? He ~only~ killed three people in season two, much less than the first time around. That being said, the first murder in season two keeps me up at night to this day. Yes, the first season two victim, Jasper, was a loose cannon and tried to kill our beloved Joe, but the method. Wow. Really, Joe? Was this necessary? After taking a knife to Jasper, Joe cut him up and put him through a mincer. I’m not okay with the montage of this in the show and I never will be.

A recap of who and how many people Joe Goldberg has killed so far in YOU on Netflix

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Up next was comedian Henderson, who in all honesty deserved everything he got. It was found out that Henderson had been abusing young women, and when Delilah shared her memory of being abused and Ellie starts hanging out with him, Joe had to step in. Henderson had a soundproof basement room where he would take his victims and film them, and Joe forced his way into his house to try and tape him confessing to all his crimes. It didn’t exactly go to plan, and Joe ended up pushing Henderson down the stairs. Joe again tried to frame the whole thing as a suicide.

A recap of who and how many people Joe Goldberg has killed so far in YOU on Netflix

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The final death in season two comes in another flashback, when we learn more about Joe’s childhood. So technically this is Joe’s first kill, but we don’t learn about it until late on. We see him killing the man who abused his mother when he was young. Joe shoots the man, to protect his mother.

What about in season three?

Season three kill count: Two

This is called GROWTH. In season three, Joe Goldberg managed to only kill two people – how restrained of him. However, his final murder (so far) was possibly his most heartbreaking yet. Despite there being many deaths in the third season, most of those were carried out by Love Quinn.

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The first death in season three at the hands of Joe Goldberg was Ryan, Marienne’s ex. Joe becomes obsessed with Marienne and protecting her, and Ryan stands in the way of her getting custody of the daughter they share. So, Joe first pushes him off a building but that isn’t enough, so Joe brutally stabs him multiple times. I think that’ll do it, Joe.

And finally, the big twist ending of season three is that Joe kills his wife, our very own Love Quinn. Love had poisoned Joe after finding out he is obsessed with Marienne and wants a divorce, and it looked as though the death would be the other way around. However, Joe was one step ahead and then injects Love with a lethal dose of the wolfsbane poison she has been growing in their garden. He then writes a suicide note from her in which she confesses to all the past murders, and even fakes his own death by cutting his finger off and putting it in a pie. He leaves their son Henry with Dante and his partner, and burns the whole house down. Another fresh start for Joe awaits him in Paris.

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So here’s an overall recap of how many people Joe Goldberg has killed, so far:

Joe Goldberg has killed 10 people so far. These are: Benji, Peach, Elijah, Ron, Beck, Jasper, Henderson, his mother’s abuser, Ryan and Love.

Season four of YOU will be available on Netflix from February 9th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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