Ok, this is exactly who and how many people Love Quinn killed during her time on YOU

She was really running riot out here


When YOU first started, a lot of us thought that Joe Goldberg was the peak of psychopathic serial killer. Oh how wrong we were. In season two along came his new obsession, Love Quinn, who proved us all wrong. She went a major step further in showing how “perfect” she is for Joe – by revealing herself to be murderous too. And she’s went wild after this, meaning you may have lost track of who and exactly how many people Love Quinn actually killed.

Love only joined us for two seasons, but the amount of people she killed got very close to that of her OG murdering husband, Joe Goldberg. Anyone who stoof in the way of her relationship she “dealt with” and she later showed her murdering ways started long before she met Joe.

Here is exactly who, and how many people, Love Quinn ever killed. Her kill count has risen rapidly, and this does contain spoilers.

A full list of exactly who and how many people Love Quinn has killed across season two and three of YOU on Netflix

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How many people had Love Quinn killed in season two of YOU?

Kill count: Three

In season two, we learned of three people who had died at the hands of Love Quinn. The first of these was her and her brother, Forty’s, au pair. The nanny, Sofia, abused Forty and Love murdered her. The next death caused by Love was Delilah Alves, who had been locked in the glass box by Joe. Joe at first believed he had killed Delilah by accident, but Love later admitted she had done it to keep Joe’s secret.

A full list of exactly who and how many people Love Quinn has killed across season two and three of YOU on Netflix

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The final death in season three was Candace, which showed us all how messed up Love is, and was the birth of the toxic Joe and Love relationship. Candace locked Joe in the box alongside Delilah’s body, in an attempt to show Love what he was really like. However, Love really didn’t care for Joe’s murdering ways, and killed Candace with a glass bottle.

How many people did Love kill in season three?

Kill count: Two

Season three really didn’t hold back with its deaths, with Love murdering Natalie in episode one. Love had discovered Joe was obsessed with Natalie, so when the realtor was showing Love around new premises for her bakery, Love took an axe to her. Casually. Joe helped her to hide the body, which they later had to dig up and re-bury.

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Although this death happened a long time ago, it is in season three we learned Love had murdered her ex-husband, James. James had fallen ill with cancer, and Love was nursing him through his ill-health. During this time, James said he want to leave Love, so Love gave him a paralytic to try and have a conversation with him about their relationship – but the dosage had been lethal.

And whilst we can’t directly pin his death on Love, as she didn’t actually do it, Gil from season three would still be alive had he not crossed Love. The anti-vaxxer father was the reason Love and Joe’s son, Henry, got measles – so Love bashed him over the head and locked him in the glass box. Whilst there, Love and Joe scrambled to find details about his life which they could blackmail him with, so they could release him and know he wouldn’t say anything. On their hunt, they found out Gil’s son had abused young girls, and his wife hadn’t told him. Because of this, Gil took his own life. Love and Joe used this to fake a suicide note which claimed Gil had an affair with Natalie, and he was the one who had killed her.

A full list of exactly who and how many people Love Quinn has killed across season two and three of YOU on Netflix

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So here’s an overall recap of how many people Love Quinn has killed:

Overall, Love Quinn has directly murdered five people. These are: Sofia, Delilah, Candace, Natalie and her husband, James. However, she really should be held accountable for a sixth, with Gil.

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