Take this quiz to see just how chaotic and like Love Quinn from YOU on Netflix you really are

Quiz: On a scale of zero to Love Quinn, how chaotic are you?

Long live my carnage reigning queen x


Wow. I still don’t think I’ve actually recovered from season three of YOU, and now season four is here. If one thing is for certain, during the last season we really watched Love come into her own. Yeah sure, from season two we knew she was a loose cannon, but season three?! I don’t think we were ready. She was carnage, and reigned chaos on the sleepy streets of Madre Linda, leaving a sea of skeletons behind her. So, if you’ve ever wondered how similar to the woman herself, Love Quinn, you are – this quiz is about to tell you.

Are you just like her – fiercely loyal, impulsive and chaotic, willing to do anything to get what you want and then protect it? Or at you at the complete other end of the chaos spectrum and prefer a much more wholesome, well thought out and planned life, with obviously, no murder involved?

It’s time to swallow your pride and find out the truth. Are you like the queen of impulsive and lack of self-control or not? Be prepared to find out a lot about yourself in this Love Quinn quiz below. Answer the questions and find out exactly what percentage just like her you really are.

Take this quiz to see how similar to the chaotic Love Quinn you really are:

Season four of YOU will be available on Netflix from February 9th, with part two dropping on March 9th. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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