Take this quiz to see if you would survive if Joe Goldberg trapped you in his glass box

Would you survive Joe Goldberg’s glass box? Take this quiz to find out

Let’s be real, not many do

One of the most infamous parts of YOU on Netflix is Joe and his glass box. Many a poor victim has faced days on end locked up in his makeshift cage, with no idea of their final fate. But, as a viewer, you can’t help but sometimes find yourself screaming at the screen, because of course we all feel like we know exactly how to charm Mr Goldberg into letting us out, if for some reason he’d locked us up. But not many people do survive Joe Goldberg, and once you’re in the box it’s pretty much game over, so would you actually do it?

Do you have what many before you didn’t – all the natural survival instincts to charm your way into being let out? Or are you nothing but an annoying hostage with little to no value, who Joe would have to find a quick way of disposing of? It’s time to seal your fate. Find out in the quiz below if you would actually survive Joe Goldberg, if for some reason you found yourself trapped in his infamous glass box.

Take this quiz to see if you would actually survive if Joe Goldberg trapped you in his glass box:

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