So, is Madre Linda from season three of YOU on Netflix a real place?

Fancy moving near the Goldberg-Quinns, do we?

Season three of YOU has finally dropped, and it sees our favourite god-awful couple pack their lives up and move away. Joe and Love are now the Goldberg-Quinns and move to Madre Linda with their son Henry. You might be wondering if Madre Linda is a real place, it’s a stunning and rich suburb, with lots of cosy amenities and coffee shops there after all.

In the show, Madre Linda is a wealthy suburb on the outskirts of San Francisco. The Quinn-Goldbergs move there to have a fresh start with their new son Henry, and boy do they need it after everything they’ve done together. They move because it’s the safest neighbourhood in the area (not now they’re there, mind you) and the schools are good there. They soon realise the place is very white-picket fence, perfect to the eye and everyone there seems to be living a very wholesome and wealthy life. It’s full of rich Instagram mums and people who wear gym gear all day every day and spend their afternoons drinking chai lattes – sugar free though, of course.

Is Madre Linda where Joe and Love move to in season three of YOU on Netflix a real place, filming location

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Is Madre Linda from season three of YOU actually a real place?

In short, no, Madre Linda isn’t real. So sorry if you fancy a road trip down there to hang out with Joe and Love. But, there are places in California with these names which may have inspired the location. Yorba Linda and Sierra Madre are both Californian cities, so the name may have come from a combination of these two places.

Is Madre Linda where Joe and Love move to in season three of YOU on Netflix a real place, filming location

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According to a local city guide, Yorba Linda is best known as a residential community of single-family homes situated on sizeable lots. It also boasts 100 miles of equestrian, biking and walking trails. The city of Sierra Madre website describes it as made up of three square miles of serene neighbourhoods and green space. The cost of living in both places is well over double the US average and the population is a large percentage of white families. So yes, both real places are just as Joe describes Madre Linda in YOU.

Plus, Madre Linda roughly translates to “beautiful mother” in Spanish, which fits the transition to motherhood for Love in season three of YOU and the tension this causes within her relationship with Joe.

Season three of YOU was filmed around California, and began in November 2020.

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