Who was Mark Blum? The man episode one of season three of YOU is dedicated to

He was an actor in the show

After a long wait, YOU has returned for its third season on Netflix. Episode one of the third season of YOU, titled And They Lived Happily Ever After, was dedicated to Mark Blum. At the end of the episode, a message card came onto the screen saying “In loving memory, Mark Blum” which has left viewers wondering who he was and his relation to the show.

Mark Blum sadly passed away last year, and was very closely connected to the show. Here is why Netflix has paid tribute to him.

Mark Blum was an actor in YOU

Episode one of season three of YOU on Netflix is in memory of and pays tribute to actor Mark Blum

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Mark Blum was an American actor, who sadly passed away in March 2020. He died of complications caused by Covid-19, when he was aged 69. Blum had a close connection to YOU, as he played Mr Mooney, Joe’s surrogate father, and appeared in four episodes of the show’s first season. He was the owner of Mooney’s – the bookshop Joe first worked in.

Mark Blum was best known for the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan, but most recently had appeared in TV roles on HBO series Succession and Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle, as well as YOU. He was also very highly regarded in the New York theatre community, having appeared multiple times on Broadway.

Blum died in Manhattan, New York, and at the time a close family friend confirmed he suffered with asthma. His Desperately Seeking Susan co-star, Rosanna Arquette, told Huffington Post: “He was a wonderful, kind, gentle, wonderful actor with a great sense of humour.”

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