These 21 moments from season three prove YOU is the wildest show on Netflix

Did Love bonk an anti-vaxxer over the head? Yes, yes she did

Season three of YOU was truly filled with some of the wildest moments of all three seasons. You can’t even deny. There was murder, shock twists and enough sex scenes to keep a Bridgerton fan interested. Despite the Quinn-Goldbergs moving to Madre Linda for a quiet family life this season, it has been anything but peaceful and happy families.

We have a full Love Quinn moment with her seeming more chaotic and fuelled for death than ever, the check in and out rate of Joe’s glass box has never been higher and Madre Linda’s local journalists have probably never been so busy in their lives.

Here are all the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix. Believe me, there are many of them.

1. Love kills Natalie… IN THE FIRST EPISODE

All the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix

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Oooookay, this season means business. We’re not waiting around here, we’re killing people in episode ONE. Love is already proving herself to be carnage in human form, as the first smell of Joe being up to his old tricks again and she’s gone at Natalie with an axe. Wonderful. And we were out here thinking Natalie was going to be a big part of the entire season.


A lesson in parenting by new parents Love and Joe Quinn-Goldberg: If you murder someone and need to get rid of the body but cannot find a babysitter, simply take the child along with you!

All the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix

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3. This entire Joe with measles montage

Ok when Joe had measles this entire scene hurt my head. What is going on here? Why are there two Joes? Is he seeing things? Is this all happening? I’m just confused.

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4. Now Love has casually batted a man over the head

Ah, Gil the anti-vaxxer. You could tell Love was livid with him when she realised he was the reason her son Henry got measles. And you don’t make Love Quinn livid. She really just said “Hey, Gil” and went up a bonked him over the head like that. Wow.

All the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix

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In this very moment, Love is truly living up to this meme:

5. Okay, Love and Theo are really gonna have sex just out in public like that?!

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but Love was part of this big move to Madre Linda to settle down with a family and live the quiet life, no? Now she’s out here having sex with her teenage neighbour in public for all to see?! Honey!!

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He’s all about Marienne now?! TWO obsessions in one season?! Joe!

7. Right, how much money do Love and Joe actually have here?

I know this is a complete side note, but I feel as though Love and Joe are really living beyond their means here? How do they have ANY money?! They live in this gorgeous house in a very expensive and wealthy area, Joe volunteers at the library and still sends money to Ellie so how he has a single penny is beyond me, and Love bought this bakery which she’s never at? I’ve literally seen Love open the bakery about three times and there is no evidence of any other staff there – which is probably due to the fact she almost always has a human locked up in the basement.

8. Joe in his murder hat is honestly wild

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Is there any moment more wild than seeing Joe Goldberg don his dark blue invisibility cap? I think not.

9. When Love got all nicely dressed up Joe’s first thought was ‘damn, she’s killed someone’

All the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix

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This was a very brief part of Joe’s narration, but it still one of the most subtle yet wildest moments in the whole of season three of YOU. Joe comes home and Love is all dressed up and looks AMAZING. “Something is up with her. Did she kill someone and she’s trying to distract me?” This voiceover just sums up their relationship, really.

10. Dottie and the tacos and the fire scene???? What’s going on here???

Ok this was just pure strange. Love’s mother took Henry, drove him through a taco drive-thru drunk and then set fire to a vineyard? Why didn’t the taco drive-thru girl ring the police? Why did this all even happen? Did I imagine this scene?

All the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix

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11. Wait, so Love murdered her first husband?

We find out this season that Love actually murdered her ex-husband, James. He had cancer, and Love ended up nursing him during his ill-health. Love’s mother, Dottie, had a conversation with Joe saying she was suspicious that it could have been Love who killed him and later, Love admits it! She really has been messed up long before Joe came along!!

12. Ah, Love and Joe are mutually dragging people into their kitchens. What a sight to behold

Nothing has summed up the Quinn-Goldbergs better than them having the Conrads know about Love and Natalie, so having to go and “deal with” one of them each and simultaneously dragging them lifeless into their kitchen. Iconic.

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13. Joe and Love just casually have sex over their victims

They’ve put the Conrads, potentially dead, in the glass box and are now at it right next to them?! Have some respect!!! This is like when Love ate muffins over Delilah’s body in the box in season two all over again.

All the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix

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Ok, YOU is gruesome, but is it just me or was Ryan’s death unnecessarily so? The multiple stabbings, the SOUND, the blood literally SPLASHING around. Enough.

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At first, I truly hated Sherry and Cary. But when they were trapped in that box never before have I loved a YOU duo quite like them. Icons. When I say I let out a gasp when Cary accidentally shot Sherry in the ear. Wow.


There are just wall to wall gasp moments now. When Theo discovered the box I was genuinely upset that this must be his ending now, and then he’s dead for a bit, and even in a body bag, but now he’s alive!! Joe set him free!! What a time!!

17. Love has drugged Joe!!!!

All the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix

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I’m still coming to terms with everything that happened at the end of season three – talk about wildest and saddest YOU moments galore. Why did it all come down to this with our favourite toxic couple? Love is doing the same thing she did with her ex-husband, drugging Joe with a paralytic in an attempt to have a conversation with him about their relationship. It’s never going to end well.

18. Of course Love has been growing paralytics in the garden

Nothing surprises me about this woman anymore. Her new hobby is growing potentially lethal drugs in the garden. Ok!

19. How has Marienne not noticed Love holding a knife behind her back this whole time?

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Just a thought, but if I was in someone’s house, stood up talking to them, and for the whole time they were clutching something behind their back, I think I’d notice.

20. And nobody has noticed Joe lying right there on the floor either?


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21. The entire twist ending, and it is SAD

Ok the entire last episode has me upset. YOU isn’t meant to be sad?! Watching Joe be so helpless, despite the fact he’s a batshit murderer, actually strangely broke my heart. And then don’t get me started on this twist ending. Watching Love die, after saying “we’re perfect together” as “I think I’ve seen this film before and I didn’t like the ending” and her voiceover of the fake suicide note plays is gut-wrenching. The Taylor Swift music!! The atmosphere!! How this feels like an era over!! I am CRYING!!

All the wildest moments from season three of YOU on Netflix

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I’m not sure how I feel now? Help!

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