Personality quiz to see which character from season three of YOU on Netflix you are

Quiz: Which character from season three of YOU are you?

I’ll take anyone who’s not Love or Joe

One of the best things about YOU on Netflix is that it really shows us a spectrum of all personalties. Like, truly. From wholesome librarians, mothers and influencers, to literal murderers next door. So you might have been getting stuck into season three of YOU and wondered which character you are most like – and this quiz is about to tell you.

There’s a special place for those of us who are like Love Quinn, the quietly chaotic who act impulsively and are willing to do anything for those who we love. Those are not too dissimilar to the Joe Goldbergs among us, however he is much more strategic and forward thinking, dare I say, the better murderer of the two. Then at the other end of the spectrum is someone like Dante, he’s nothing but wholesome, with a sarcastic humour but he always has everyone’s best interests at heart and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Or maybe you’re a naive and loving Theo? Or the icon that is Sherry – now that’s a woman who is smart and knows what she wants.

But you can only really be spiritually aligned to one person in YOU, so now is your time to find out just who that is. Sorry in advance if you get Love or Joe, but someone has to.

Take this quiz to find out which character from YOU season three you actually are:

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