YOU love lives: A deep dive into who all the cast are dating in real life

Can I date Joe Goldberg? Yes or no?

By now, we are all aware that YOU is not just a TV show – it’s an entire moment. You can’t help but become sucked in by the drama and next thing you know you’re sharing all the memes, taking quizzes about the show and Googling everything there is to know about the cast in real life. So naturally, you’re probably quite intrigued about the partners of the cast of YOU, and who from the show is dating someone in real life, married, or single.

Can I marry Penn Badgley? If not, is Theo single? Am I just stuck admiring Victoria Pedretti from a distance, or? Here are all the YOU cast members who have partners in real life, and a deep dive into all of their off-screen love lives.

Penn Badgley

Relationship status: Married

Sorry, but if you’re planning on living out your creepy obsession with Joe Goldberg, I’m going to cut you off now. Penn Badgley is actually a very wholesome, non-killer, husband and father. Penn is married to Domino Kirke, and they have a pretty low-key relationship, mainly out of the public eye. Domino co-founded Carriage House Birth and works as a doula – someone who assists a family before, during, and after birth. She also works as a singer. And yes, she is related to Jemima Kirke, who just starred as Hope in Sex Education!! The pair are sisters.

Penn and Domino have been married since 2017 and welcomed a baby boy in August 2020, their first child together. Domino also has a son from a previous relationship.

Victoria Pedretti

Relationship status: Single

Right now, it is believed that Victoria Pedretti, who plays Love Quinn, is single. She hasn’t ever attended a public event or red carpet with a significant other. However, she is very private about her personal life, and doesn’t post much on social media.

Dylan Arnold

Relationship status: Appears to be single

Dylan Arnold plays troubled boy next door Theo, who has a crush on Love in season three. Since the new episodes aired, a LOT of people have been thirsting over Theo in the show, so naturally people are interested in if he’s single in real life or not. Dylan doesn’t post a lot on Instagram, and has never publicly confirmed he is in a relationship. So it at least looks like he’s single. You might be in luck gals!!!

Tati Gabrielle

Relationship status: Single

YOU cast partners in real life and a look at who from the Netflix cast is single or in a relationship

via Instagram @tatigabrielle

Tati Gabrielle is another of the cast of YOU who keeps their off-screen life and partners very private. It’s believed that Tati, who plays Marienne in season three, is single right now – but that’s only because she has given us no reason to think otherwise.

Shalita Grant

Relationship status: In a relationship

YOU cast partners in real life and a look at who from the Netflix cast is single or in a relationship

via Instagram @jagatt

Shalita Grant has once been married, but is now dating someone else after their divorce. She is currently dating MMA champion Jessica “Jag” Aguilar, who she reportedly met through a mutual friend after splitting from her previous wife, Sabrina Skau.

“It’s nice to be around my partner and know that she’s another badass woman in her field,” Aguilar said in an interview. “She’s at the peak of her career and this is her time. And I’ve been world champion. I’ve gone to win gold medals for the U.S. teams, so I know what it’s like to be there. Lesbians, we have happy endings too, right?”

Travis Van Winkle

Relationship status: Appears to be single

YOU cast partners in real life and a look at who from the Netflix cast is single or in a relationship

via Instagram @travisvanwinkle

It looks like Shalita’s on-screen husband, Travis Van Winkle, is single. It’s been reported that Travis may have previously dated actress and producer Jessica Kemejuk. Travis reportedly shared a picture of them when they were dating in 2016, but it has since been deleted. Right now, it seems the only significant other in his life is his dog, called Karen.

Michaela McManus

Relationship status: Married

YOU cast partners in real life and a look at who from the Netflix cast is single or in a relationship

via Instagram @michaelamcmanus

Just like her character is in the show, Michaela McManus is married in real life. In season three of YOU she plays Joe’s next door neighbour, who despite having a husband, Joe strikes up one of his classic interests in. Michaela married her film producer husband, Mike Daniels, in 2011. As well as films, Mike has produced huge TV dramas such as The Vampire Diaries – which Michaela starred in. The pair have three children together – two sons and a daughter.

Scott Speedman

Relationship status: In a relationship

via Instagram @scottspeedman

Scott Speedman, who plays Natalie’s husband and Theo’s father Matthew, is currently in a relationship and expecting his first child. He’s dating Lindsay Rae Hofmann and in May 2021 the pair shared the good news about their upcoming arrival. “In full bloom,” she wrote on Mother’s Day. “Baby girl Speedman coming soon.” The pair have been together since 2017 and Lindsey is the co-founder of a clothing brand and a podcast host.

Saffron Burrows

Relationship status: Divorced

via Netflix

Saffron Burrows, who plays Love’s mother Dottie, is openly bisexual. She was engaged to actor Alan Cumming in the 1990s, and dated director Mike Figgis for five years until 2002. In August 2013, Saffron married girlfriend of six years, TV writer Alison Balian. The pair have two children together but separated in 2020.

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